Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some work in progress.

Hi there peeps, hope this post finds you all well.
Today some pictures of some work in progress. As always the pictures not showing the colors as they are in real grrr, except for the black that is. It seems it can do black lol. Which someone told me is not a color. Does this mean my camera can do "none" color pics best?! Never mind not going into that hahahaa. To me black and white are colors, cause i can see them. Makes sense right?
If not i have never made sense in my whole life soo dont be surprised. (snicker).
Ok back to the post. What your looking at is a bracelet in the making of recycled materials. Well most of the materials.

The black pieces (with no color at all) are pieces of old vinyl records. Think these are parts of a Perry Como record . As you see the pieces are bend and not flat, it would be possible to flatten them. ( ones reheated) But where is the fun in that right?.

The black/colored pieces are paper mounted on chipboard and sealed with my favorite acrylic sealer. The beads are "strung" on bailing wire that has been hardened and aged. Naturally aged i have to say. Which is not hard to do with this wire. Then some good wiping and slight sanding and its ready to go.

As you can see some of the record pieces have holes in the bottom, they need some finishing there. Then this piece is done.
That's it for today folks. I want to thank all that commented on my previous post, you guys rock and keep me rocking. ( did that sound right?)
Hope you all have a wonderful creative day.
Big Hug,


Maggi said...

I don't care whether black is officially a colour or not what do you say when someone asks what colours you are working with if you can't say black and ...? Anyway the bracelet looks good and a great way to recycle the vinyl

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I like it! Very unique use of vinyl records.

Lorraine said...

how clever is this looks fab I also really like your tags..thanks for visiting my blog

Gifts of Creation said...

Hi! very interesting and creative use of records! I love it. Thanks for sharing your creative pursuits on your blog....stop by and see mine some time!

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a fun, unusual way to make your jewelry special! Love it!
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