Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes..it just don't work out.

Hello there peeps, i hope this blog finds you all well.
Question, have you ever started making something and then it just would NOT work out right?

Of course you have ( please tell me you did :)), we are artists and that makes us explorers right? It means we try things and sometimes they go not the way we planned.
The pictures included in this post are about a project that screamed Fail. So i put it asides for while till i would have an idea what to do with it. I don't just throw things away, if i did i would not be able to sleep at night thinking that maybe i could have done something with it. (sigh)
After  rolling layers of paint ,stitching, sanding, hand painting, more stitching, i think i saved this piece from the trash. And nope not gonna tell you what it original should have been either hahahaa.
A decorative pillowcase it has become, let me know what you think.
Hope all of you have a wonderful awesome creative day.
                                                                                  Big hug,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Until  then ..no clothes..
Hye peeps hope this post finds you all well. Fully recovered from my operation and now heading towards the end of a very stubborn flu..yay!!
Wanted to show you my first needle sculpted doll face.
The people i did show her too told me she looks like Sher. ( if Sher ever reads this she is probably not going to feel flattered, my apologies ahead Sher.)
So yes i named her Sher. Her and me don't seem to see eye to eye bout her clothes (sigh, pop star issues already??) Lets not even mention the shoes, she thinks i made her feet ugly and would not let me photograph them (sigh..again) So the decision is made no clothes till we both agree upon them.
I am really glad i gave her at least some underwear (sigh..again..) or this blog be in lotsa trouble i suppose, LOL.
Everyone have a great day and take care,