Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is my priority at the moment..sorry...

Dear friends..hope this post finds you all well!
Have the need to share this with you....I have started a program to support cancer patients.
The local radio and newspaper have been involved and so is the local high school.
I want to make as many of the dolls, like the ones that I am posting as possible and keep sending them to our Rexburg oncology clinic. Who will distribute them to thier patients. For the man..we will make hearts that will be embellished appropriately. Dont really think they would want
The media is putting out a call for help on materials for making them and embellishing them. I have also offered for people to come to my studio to help making them if they do not want to make them at home. Its all just from a brainstorm that now is building into a
I will be posting more about the project in the time to come but right now really feel I have to do this . I am trying to keep the dolls simple but still pretty to look at.

Any input from you guys about what else or how or anything you can come up with would be really very appreciated.
Plz let me know what you think..I so aprreciated you guys with all your input!!
That's it for now....back to the studio......the next batch has to be ready on Monday...thats when I will drop them of.
Big all of you..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something I am working on...

Hello there people..hope this post finds you all well!!
Not a lot to report from this side..finished of some UFO's..forgot to take pic before they went on a trip..figgers...getting old and forgetful....well is not a lot your missing out
Things are starting to get back in place here..and I am finally getting back in place too...hahahaaa..
This is a short post but wanted to share a wall hanging that I am working on right now...actually..I have been working on it for a while
Next thing is checking on all your wonderful blogs and see what you are all up too....then back to house cleaning (bleeh) and studio.....
Have a wonderful great day everybody!!!
Big hug!!