Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello there peeps.
How are we all doing? I hope this post finds you all well.
Today I am posting something that I wanted to try for a while now.
Tho it had to wait till my health was well enough to stand long enough to do it.
Now that time has arrived(yahoo) and this project had to be done to get it out of my mind.
 So here we go, I hope you enjoy the pictures.
 This one is fabric  paper with cheesecltoh to give it some texture. Also cheesecloth helps it being little bit more durable

 This is one of my cats "drying" my dishes after I had just done them. Scooter is a recue cat. Ever since I got him hes been very helpful in whatever I might take up on chores. Hes also the cat in my profile picture. But as you can see hes taken up a new spot in a different sink.

 Fabric paper, silk fibers and coffee dyed cheese cloth. Some torn piece of an vintage book.

 This one is one of my favorites. Stamped velum ( Halloween stamps)backed with cheesecloth.
To make it all "stick" together I used wonder under. When finished I glued the pieces of black lace on top of the petals.

 The one is cream felt with piece of lace under cheesecloth. You gotta love cheesecloth lol soo versatile.

This last one is fabric paper like the one on top. I made sheets of it big enough to make 2 or 3 flowers.  Some of you might have seen tutorials bout these wire flowers in Somerset magazine. the only thing I did not do according to the tutorial was, that I did not cut out the petals piece for piece.
I hold the flowers upside down on top of the fabric I am going to use, then cut out the approximate size. make a small hole in the middle to pull the stem thru and voila you can stitch it on. Less hassle I my opinion. But to each their own right.
Well that is it for today talks. If any question, go ahead ask.
Take care everyone be safe,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work in progress..

 Hello there peeps.
 I hope this post finds you all well. Its been a while since I posted but here is one now .
This piece I started before I went in for my second operation this year. I hope to get it finished before this year ends lol.
 The inspiration for this piece comes from Ruth Rae's book, "layered,tattered &stitched".

 The front consists of my own hand dyed fabric and free motion stitching. Its needs something more but not sure what yet.

 The doors need wooden branches for handles that much I have decided on for sure.

 The inside is hand dyed stamped fabric with paper pieces added for interest. The paper is stamped too.
 The heart in the middle is needle felted organza in several layer and colors.
Then hand stitched with some coffee dyed scrim between the back layer and the heart to the background.
 The doors have on the inside french knots, tulle and some leftover of the needle felted organza.
The left door piece of fabric was stamped before I added it.
The bottom lace was dyed in same bath as the fabric. it is interesting how different fabric come out in such different colors. The 2 buttons used where cut from some vintage cloths I found on a yard sale.
Thinking of doing some hand beading and more stitching.
Well that's it for now guys. Wishing you all a fabulous day/evening/afternoon and take care .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 just don't work out.

Hello there peeps, i hope this blog finds you all well.
Question, have you ever started making something and then it just would NOT work out right?

Of course you have ( please tell me you did :)), we are artists and that makes us explorers right? It means we try things and sometimes they go not the way we planned.
The pictures included in this post are about a project that screamed Fail. So i put it asides for while till i would have an idea what to do with it. I don't just throw things away, if i did i would not be able to sleep at night thinking that maybe i could have done something with it. (sigh)
After  rolling layers of paint ,stitching, sanding, hand painting, more stitching, i think i saved this piece from the trash. And nope not gonna tell you what it original should have been either hahahaa.
A decorative pillowcase it has become, let me know what you think.
Hope all of you have a wonderful awesome creative day.
                                                                                  Big hug,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Until  then clothes..
Hye peeps hope this post finds you all well. Fully recovered from my operation and now heading towards the end of a very stubborn flu..yay!!
Wanted to show you my first needle sculpted doll face.
The people i did show her too told me she looks like Sher. ( if Sher ever reads this she is probably not going to feel flattered, my apologies ahead Sher.)
So yes i named her Sher. Her and me don't seem to see eye to eye bout her clothes (sigh, pop star issues already??) Lets not even mention the shoes, she thinks i made her feet ugly and would not let me photograph them (sigh..again) So the decision is made no clothes till we both agree upon them.
I am really glad i gave her at least some underwear (sigh..again..) or this blog be in lotsa trouble i suppose, LOL.
Everyone have a great day and take care,


Friday, April 20, 2012

One more scrappy one...

Hi there peeps, I hope this post finds you all well. Short post today with couple pictures of the last scrappy wall hanging I made. Nice bright colors to lighten up the day.
The weather here still,does not want to clear up some and warm more, so I needed something colorful to make me happy lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and an even more wonderful weekend.
Take care stay safe and a big hug,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Machine workout..

Hi there peeps i hope this post finds you all well.
Today i am posting scrap strips sewn to a light batting. Then gave the sewing machine a workout on it. For contrast i used black and colored felt. I had the need for making something colorful and easy and that's exactly what this was. When finished i put it all on a piece of black felt with a zigzag stitch. Easy as pie, but i think the result was not bad.
It is a good way to use the deco stitches on your machine as well.
Now some scraps less and a colorful little quilt to hang and cheer me up.
I hope everyone has a good wonderful day. Stay safe take care,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Following the book..kinda..

Hello there peeps as promised today i am posting the more" follow the book" piece i made.
(To catch up bout what i am talking please read previous post.)
It was not easy to get the pictures to show the texture well.
The gold paint reflects the light bit to much to give all of the pieces secrets away.."sigh"
The polymer clay pieces where all cut on the edges with fun cut craft scissors. that was before baking them of
here is the whole piece, bit wrinkled still. I am hoping to smooth it a bit from the back with a small iron.
Thinking about stretching it on a frame, it for sure is strong enough for it.
This piece was made with paints only, the pieces in the previous post i used inks on.
Well that's it for today, hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hi there folks, i hope this post finds you all well.
I hope to be more regular on my post in the coming time. Think i got all the doctor appointments and hospital stuff behind me now for a while. On my way to getting to feel much better and so much less tired. Ahh enough of that on with the
On my search to find and learn more mixed media and fiber art techniques i found Angie Huges book "STITCH,CLOTH,PAPER & PAINT". Her projects she takes you thru in her book and the techniques used are just awesomely fun to learn and to do and ones learned it takes you to that "what if?" stage. I wanted to share some "what if's" with you in here and see what you think. Its all bout achieving more or different texture. Unfortunately like most of my pictures in the blog, somehow the colors fade more then i want them to when i post. But i hope you will bare with me.In her book, Angie's projects are rich colorful and almost sparkly. I wanted a more faded result without loosing the texture.
The intention was to made the cloth look worn and old. I think i got pretty close results?! What you think?
Now i am working on ideas on how to use these pieces ( that does not mean any suggestions will be turned away :) )
I am waiting for one more project to dry, this one is more of the "following the book" kind.
When it is dry i will post it in the next post, to give you a comparison. I do recommend if your interests are in same direction as mine and you have not checked this book out yet,to go find it and have a closer look. At the same time as i am posting this i am thinking of how i can integrate this kind of cloth with my fabric dolls. to many ideas coming up at am sure most of you know that feeling.
Will keep you posted what i come up with.
Take care peeps, till soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello there peeps, been a long time i know.
Computer crash, sinus infections and some other health issues that include an operation soon have been taking my mojo. I did create some but was not in the mood at all to blog. I hope you understand and all is well with you.

Today's post is my first try of a doll in the style that Patty Medaris Culea, Barbara Willis and Jan Horrox present in their books. Cloth Doll Workshop by Patti Medaris Culea, Elinor Bailey and Barabra Willis is such an inspiring book, i really recommend it. If you like to sew and use all kinds of fiber this is the book for you. Introduction to Making Cloth dolls from Jan Horrox will do the same thing for you i promise.

(i apologize for the repeat of the photos, but somehow blogger would not let me delete the some of them. I guess my lucky day, blogger is glitching again lol.! )

Both books describe the making of cloth dolls from beginning to the end, give templates to start with and give you a good idea about making the faces. Ones you read these book there is no limit in making any cloth doll you want to make. I actually never was much into making dolls but now find that they can be a canvas to express myself just like any other art or craft form. i have made 2 more that need finishing using the templates from the books. When finished i hope to share them with you.
Wishing all a wonderful creative day, stay healthy and take care folks.
Till soon i hope.