Saturday, May 23, 2009

Passing on awards!!

Good morning my dear friends, hope this post finds you all well and wishing all of you a great weekend!
Sharon has given me these awards and I understand it is tradition to pass them along to others...right?
Never thought this would be soooo to choose out of all these wonderful people and all these wonderful blogs!!
If you read this and are not mentioned, consider yourself been given these anyway..ok??
Alright then, here we go:
Maggi from
Melinda at
Clevelandgirlie at
Jean from
Elizabeth at
I have been following these friends and their awesome blogs for a while now and could tell you so much about them. Then again do yourself a favor and hop over and meet them if you haven't yet!

Hope you like them my friends!!!

On anther note some other sharing. Bought this it not a cutie???

It is from Stamps Happen, just could not pass it up!
And here is some furry purry fun......

Hope you like them..ohh and in case your computer is not working, the last picture might give you a
have a wonderful weekend my friends!
XO Andrea.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Good morning everybody, I hope this post finds you all well!
For friend Sharon has given my awards..wowee!!
I feel so honored that she calls me her friend and thinks that I deserve these! XOXOXO my friend!!!

Isn't that something??
This just makes my it makes my week or even more. I will pass these to some other blogging friends tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Next I would like to share with you a collage on canvas that I made yesterday and would really like your opinion on it my friends. Paper is not my strongest point I think, so any suggestions will be very welcome!

I know you all must be getting tired of me complaining about me camera, so I will not do
The colors are little less blueish, should be more to the brown side. Tried different backgrounds, I guess this is it.....

Used a piece of Tim Holz grunge board, like that stuff. It smells a bit I think but you get used to
It does a really good job when you emboss it.

The glass bubbles are embossed on the backside. Then glued on. Did some embossing on a couple of shells too. Just brush on your ink ( I used India ink) and sprinkle it on there. Have a little container were you put your shells in when you put the powder on, so you catch all the powder that does not stick. This way you do not lose any. The dolphins are embossed too for part of them. The mermaids are printed on transparent 'paper' and then cut out. The glass pieces were embossed and then glued on top of each other.
The whole background was painted in layers of gesso, acrylic and ink.
That is it for now my friends, I am back of to do some more work...( fun).
Hope you like this post and have a wonderful and great day!
Go and create!
XO Andrea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some fun??

Ok decided to have some fun in here..this is me a looooong time ago with my cousin.
This picture was made in the early
If you have any purpose for it you are welcome to download
XO Andrea.

I am sooo proud of him!!!

Good morning people, hope this post finds you all well.
It is not really my intention to make this blog about my personal life, it is to be about arts and crafts. Still I had to share this with only child, my son Jeff is in the Navy. This is what he send me....

Not a bad looking guy is he??? I am so proud of him!
Ok..well just had to share with you all. Will post some more things later......

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is here??

Hello wonderful people out there, how are you all doing today?
Did you have a good weekend?
According to the weather forecast it is going to be 86 degrees today... does this mean that summer is here? What happened to spring ? Going from the 40 to 50 to high 80...nice
Today I am first of all posting some wonderful things that were send to me by people that I did a swap with.
The first picture is a wonderful piece that I traded with Sharon from for fairy slippers.

The second piece is a wonderful piece that I traded with Cathie from

This is the other side...

Go and check out these blogs and these wonderful people!
The next pictures are some things that I have been working on when I got to
Here is a pincushion that I made for a friend. The bird sits on a nest that is in a green glass dessert bowl. All I used was recycled wool to make the bird and some lace that I dyed to go with the project.

Next is some left overs from the time that I owned an embroidery machine, put the left overs to work on an African themed wall hanging. It is not finished yet...but hopefully soon will
My camera was acting up again this morning. Funny how it got the swap pieces kinda good and then when it came to my pieces the pictures ( believe me I tried like a hundred times!) it suddenly decided to act up. I am sorry , this is as good as it gets for now. One day I will have the money for a better camera, right now this is what I will have to do

The woman's face was cut out of another piece of fabric and used as an applique. Is this how you spell that? This is how blogger wants me to spell it..hmmm..)

The masks were made with the embroidery machine ( who has a wonderful new home..sniff..), the material on the sides of this block was fuzzy cut and put on top.

Did the same with this fellow...

The lion is embroidery applique and this woman was done the same as the first one.

I hope you like this post....sorry again about the not so good pics!
Wishing you all a wonderful creative day!
Big hug for everyone,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you Elizabeth!!

Hello there people, sorry to have been absent for so long.
Did not have a lot to post lately but getting there.
Elizabeth of has given me an award...Yahoo!!
You will have to check out her blog, she is awesome and soooo inspiring!

I feel honored! Thanks again Elizabeth!
Ok..people...will have things to post this weekend, please stay tuned!
Right now finished a pair of fairy slippers for Sharon's fairy , at If you need to be inspired check out her awesome blog too!
She has been sooo patient with me and her piece already arrived. I will post that this weekend too, it is so pretty, actually I should say beautiful! It is on its way Sharon!
Anyway... want to thank you all for not forgetting about me, makes me all warm inside!