Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not forgotten....

My dear friends..no I have not forgotten about you..!
Its been hard to come here for a while and i think I owe you and explanation.
my comfort doll project in the area where I live was shot down. had radio and newspaper here. Offered people to come to my studio and help making them.Asked for donations in material ...had 3 reactions in total.SOOO sad..i think. On top of that I tried to involve our local high school. Had someone here for that who toke some dolls and hearts, to show the group that does the charity projects...that was 3 months ago. Never seen dolls back and heard from the school ever again. Now I am not the person who will go and keep asking them for the dolls back and or if they still want to be involved. But it was all kinda depressing.
Then if that was not enough, I woke up one morning with only half the use of my left hand left.
(and i am left handed). That was really scary!. It is getting better now and I might be able to work in my studio again in a week or soo.
I hope you all understand that I have not been able with body and mind for a while to produce. It was all to much...sorry.
Making my way back to be inspired and produce seems to be a longer road then I expected...but I am fighting cause I want too.
hope to see you all soon again!!