Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the cycle of recycle...

Hello there people..
Hope this post finds you all sound and well!
It seems that I am in a cycle of wanting to see what I can recycle..hmm yeah I meant to say it that way...I think..
For today it has to be a quicky..lol. But wanted to post these, soo here they are.
Bowls made out of records and two bracelets made out of the same. This was just some awesome fun..really!

Then two little pouches made out of plastic shopping bags.
Right now I do not have the time to explain how any of these are done. I promise that I will get back to you about this before the end of the week. If however you have questions, post them now and I can work the answer into the tutorial.
Ok...gotta run folks...have a wonderful great day and go and create!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Made my own....

Hello folks...how are we all doing today?
Snow again last night..pfff!!
No flowers showing up in the garden yet..soo...I made my own..lol
Including some pictures here...

Some paper, felt and a branch can liven up a day. The cherry origami blossom is not glued onto the branch. These little pretties have a piece of wire on them, this way I can take them of and reuse the branch for something else or put other flowers on it when I get bored with these. They are made out of tissue paper that came out of a shoe box. I used the papers to swap up some spilled ink and voila..instant dye.
The purple flowers are made from recycled cotton yarn ( old sweater pulled apart), which was a dirty creamy white. I made sort of pompoms and then dipped the whole in the dye without soaking it totally. Then squeezed them out in paper towels and dried it with a hairdryer. This is the only time I use this thing...in crafts and arts. It has never seen my hair..lol. I used a comb to get the pompoms fluffy again. The paper towels are waiting to become beads..Yeah...
Next is a little clutch made from brown paper bags, acrylic paint and stamps. The whole is sealed with an acrylic sealer. Have not decided yet what to put on for closure. On the inside is brown paper too, its sealed the same way. This was actually fun to do, the what if factor as well as the challenge...lol.

Soo, there it is for today..some flowers and a clutchie thingy mebobber..lol.
For any questions on these projects..mail me!! Thanks again for all your wonderful comments...you wonderful people!
Everybody have a wonderful great day and go and create!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good morning???

Good morning people, how are we doing today?
I hope this post finds you all well!
So much for spring here...18 degrees this morning. Ahh..and yes snow again, not a lot but enough..lol. According to the weather forecast more to come, some body out there must just loooove Idaho...lol...right!

Above and below this part of the post, I am showing you what I am working on right now. Lilacs, needle felted with wool, hand dyed soy silk and hand dyed silk. The background is a black commercial glitter felt. I have to say that felting on this works great, just never try to pull any of the felted stuff off...you get holes...big ones..lol. That's how I ended up with this shape ( being very..very honest here). Going to solve that problem with the background fabric that I found in my stash, lucky me!!! As shown here in the photo below.

My meditation quilt that I started is not ready for pictures yet, better said..it feels like I should keep this one to myself till it feels right to share it. Does that make sense to anyone?
The next picture is of a bracelet made out of recycled old jewelry and some charms that I made with diamond glaze. Man that's some awesome stuff!!

This one I am going to wear, the next one might end up getting sold..lol.
Ok my friends, thanks again for all your support and inspiring comments!
This girl is going to her ' dungeon' (my hubby named my studio..lol) and play and torture some more projects. Please stay tuned..planning on some more tutorials very soon!!
Have a wonderful great day and go and create!!!
Love you all,

Monday, March 23, 2009


Good morning people, hope you are all doing great!
Here we all woke up to about 2 inches of snow.....after two days of rain. Yep...we do not seem to get rid of the white stuff yet.
For today's posting two little cards. Paper work is I think not my strongest point, so I will have to keep working with it till I find my way. I used some card board scraps, tissue paper, polymer clay cherub,a paper cast cherub( the bigger one), old jewelry and some goodies from my 'spoils'.
This weekend has not been very productive, a leaking toilet was the mane thing on the program...lol
Started on some needle felting projects last week and a quilt that I call 'its not pretty, my meditation', might give you a sneak peak tomorrow.
Thank for your comments folks...I really do so appreciate them!
Ok, that's it for now...go and create and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


http://bluebirdslivinginthemeadow.blogspot.com. Is having her anniversary....congratulations.
There is a blog give a way on her blog. Check out her blog it's awesome...very inspiring.
I have been following her blog for a while now, check it out, you will not be disappointed for sure!!!
Thanks Bluebirds!!! Your awesome!!!

Swap and candy!!

Hello folks, how are we doing today? Are we creating? Hope everyone is doing great and is having a wonderful day.
Today I am posting what I should have posted a couple days ago, but due to my temperamental cam it toke a bit longer. Really.. don't ask what I did to it to make it work..lol.
Not to long ago I entered a blog give away by Lilla from :http://justlilla.blogspot.com/, you really should check out her blog. She makes awesome things. I won!!! She send me a box she made and some goodies with it. Its so pretty, I tried to take pictures from different angles so I could share it with you guys.

Really pretty is it not? Thanks so much Lilla....
Then I did a swap with a lady that probably most of you know very well. Linda from:http://bigartadventure.blogspot.com, agreed to do a swap with me. I feel very honored that she did. A fairy slipper went to the UK and this is what came back.....feast your eyes people!

What do you think...awesome right?
Linda send me some goodies to go with the bookmark and I really love those too.
I am getting really excited about swapping art with other artists, having hubby make me extra shelves just to display my spoils..lol.
Right now do not have anything ready enough to post from my works, but soon. Which means that I should be getting to work and get things finished...right?
Want to thank all you friends and visitors that leave all these awesome and up lifting comments on my blog. It sooo inspires me!!!THANK YOU!!!
Well talk to you guys soon..take care and go and create!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canvas and unfinished business...

Good morning folks!
How are we doing today?
I hope this days finds you all well. Want to thank all the kind and wonderful people that have left comments on my blog....you guys inspire me soooooo much..love you!!!
For today the posting is about my first try on small canvasses and an unfinished wall hanging.
The two canvasses are embellished with polymer clay. The background is my first try on crackle medium. This is fun stuff!!! They are painted with acrylic paint and the whole is finished with a gloss sealer.

The wall hanging is as you can see unfinished...duhh.. I was not sure where I was going with this piece, but last night I got the idea of how I want to finish it. Will keep you posted on when its done..lol.
The picture below is an altered house box...tissue paper, paint, polymer clay, glass bubbles, text and an altered refrigerator magnet on top.

That's it for today people...I am of to play some more!
Hope all of you have a wonderful great day!
Go and create!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snowy Sunday,,again!!

Hello there people, how are we doing today?
Anybody else had enough of the white stuff...time for spring!
Thanks for all the inspiring and wonderful comments people, you have no idea how much this means to me! Two people have agreed to a swap with the Fairy shoes. As I promised, there were some more but I had to contact the owners first. Here are three more for now.

The top one is an old 'magic' shoe I have been told, since" humans cannot do magic",quote, it is safe to publish this shoe. The previous owner did not want me to share his name...soo.
The bootie belonged to Ascarn, When it came to me for repair it was actually beyond repair, she wanted me to keep the little teddy on the boot, so improvisation was called for. Now its sort of fixed and she tells me she cannot and does not want to pick it up, even though she paid for it.
The lower slipper is another one from Sarrafin, did not want this one back either. Well at least they gave me all permission to put them on the blog.
(Al slippers are made out of recycled wool .)
Ok folks this is it for now, have to go and battle my camera for pictures of a new wall hanging.
As soon as cam and I agree I will post them....that might not be today..lol.
Have a wonderful day everyone and go and create!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good news!!

Two slippers have found a home!
Arabella's and Grafinni's slipper will be moving to the UK. There they will be cherished by their new owner Jasmoon Butterfly ( blog). She has agreed to adopt them for a trade. I am really thrilled about that, they will get such a wonderful home!
I am keeping what she is trading a surprise for now, but will post it when it arrives.
At the moment I am going thru another stash of these slippers and am trying to contact the owners. As soon as I have their permission, they will be posted. They will also be up for adoption in the form of a trade. Make me an offer and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Make sure you let me know whose slipper you prefer and what you offer for trade.
Have a wonderful great day people...and go and create!
Love you all!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ok...here is a secret that I need to tell!!

My dear friends, it is time that I share a secret with you. Well actually I finally can, because I have been giving permission to do so.
For a while now I have been contacted by some that live amongst us, to repair their shoes. No...I am not kidding. We are talking sizes here that cannot be bought easily in the stores. I do my best to repair these shoes, even though they are sometimes really worn out. Then after lots of loving labor some of them do not get picked up by the owners, for several different reasons. Now there is a whole collection of these shoes and they are up for adoption. I have done my best to contact the owners and most of them let me know they did not want them back and I could keep them. There is one big problem. well actually there are two problems. The first one is...I do not fit these shoes even if I were to cut of my toes. Second, they are singles...and who wants to wear a different shoe on each foot? These are the reasons that I have decided to share them with you.
I did put a quarter next to them so you have a idea of the actual size......

Are we having fun yet???!!!
The colors are more bright then on the picture, the light today is not helping.
As they are: The gray and red striped one is a bowling shoe, the previous owner was Beltin, an elf with attitude I can tell you. Its made out of recycled wool.
The dark red, is a house slipper as they call them, used for lounging, Sarrafin did not think it was worth her while to pick this one up. This one is made out of felt.
The bright red slipper belonged to Kashimni, she just loves strawberries, somehow I think this slipper portrays that. This is a felt slipper too.
The pink one belonged to Arrabella, she loves roses and winter, does not make sence does it. Well she sometimes does not make sense either...at least that's my opinion. Who would not come and pick up a shoe like that. This one is made out of angora wool!
The gray with pink slipper belonged to Grafinni, she is a tomboy fairy with a big heart. Always polite and not demanding at all. When I contacted her about this shoe, she said that at the moment she could not come by, as she was out of the country. It would take a long time for her to come back, she said. Hence her decision to give the shoe to me.
Well my friends that's it for now. I hope you all enjoy my sharing my secret!
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Go and create!