Saturday, August 13, 2011

The fabric flowers....

Hi there peeps hope this post finds you all well. Thanks to all that visited and joined, hope you like the ride. Thank you for your lovely comments they make my day!

For the fabric flowers that i posted, here is the how to. Easy as pie...really.

Get your hot glue gun if you have one, so much faster with these.
As templates i used 2 little jar lids, the smallest one is cut from felt( if you want thick cardboard will work too). Take a stack of fabric that you want to use for these flower, a layer of about 5 will cut easily with some good scissors. Just don't forget to pin them in the middle. Its not a biggy if they are not that perfectly round really, neither does that count for the felt/cardboard you gonna glue them on.
Ones the circles are cut fold them in half ones and then ones again. As you can see in the picture below.

When i fold them the second time i put a little dab of glue about right there on the inside where the little clamp is on the pic. I find the flowers/petals will hold their shape better this way ones they get glued on the base.

Then stack them like this on the felt/cardboard till you filled up the circle. For an nice even flower make sure you watch that the outside edges of the "petals" are lined up. Ones you completed the first round, the second round will need maybe 4 more "petals" and 2 more for the middle. it depends a little on the size of base used and the size of the petals. When you completed all rounds stick something pretty on the middle and voila your done.

The one on the foreground here was fluffed up bit more and i added some extra " petals" so it did not need something in the middle.
That's it really, like i said easy as pie. The combinations are infinite as you can use your own made fabric too with stamps and or paints.
Well folks that's it for today, cya all back on Monday i hope. Have something special coming up then. A little hint? Ok fine then lol.......eggs......that is the hint hahahaa ok have a great weekend!
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

They may be easy to make, but they are so pretty! Eggs, huh? Can't wait!

Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks for sharing how to make these gorgeous little gems and thanks for visiting my blog too.

Fabric Art said...

Wow all your flowers are so beautifully made,love them, thanks for sharing how to make them.