Monday, April 22, 2013

Mixed media canvas board.

Hi there peeps. Little post only today. It is a mixed media canvas board that can be used as a picture frame for smaller picture. As you can see i blotted out the price tag  so i would not get in trouble with blogger. Stupid me forgot to take a picture of it before putting it up for sale in a local store grrr..
It is not sold yet so if you are interested send me a email. The colors have a shimmer to them which you cannot see on this picture. Anyway wanted to share this with you :)
Have a wonderful day peeps and stay safe and take care,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Altered, mixed media canvas with steampunk elements...?!


What can i say, this canvas just "happened". It had been laying around for a while being discarded because it was a unsatisfying accomplishment at that point. So i dived into it with nothing to loose and this is the end result. No planning no idea where it would take me. I have to admit it is very relaxing to play this way lol.

Short post sorry, have to get back to clean the house bit. Then its playing time mwuhaahaaa ( <Take care peeps and have a wonderful creative day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Continuation of the steampunk inspired album....

Still have not really gotten the hang of getting them in following order. The pictures i mean.
The top one is the backside of the one underneath.

Getting the little vile to stay on the page required some experimenting, but it worked this way. it is a plastic vile. Was not sure bout the safety of handling the album with glass in it.

The heart is made from copper craft sheet with some pieces of metal roofing tape on it,then it was run thru embossing folder.
 The ruler is piece of chipboard stamped and utee'd.

 Yes..its a real silver spoon that was tortured till it was flat.
Hammer and small anvil did the trick lol. I glued the bottom part onto the page then secured it with some die cut grungeboard.  Using Tim Holz die of course lol.

the full page here.
All pages are not totally finished yet. More embellishments will be added when i have decided how many pages i am making. Working on one more atm. Think that will be the last one. then i will go to town with more stuff to add.
I am hoping this post finds you all wel and that everyone has a wonderfull creative day.
If you have any question bout my posts plz shoot me an email i will be happy to answer.
Thanks for visiting :)
             Big hug,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steampunk album in the making...

Hello peeps, hope this day finds you all well.
Today posting couple pictures of an album i am working on.
Actually its the first 2 It seems i am picky on the lay out of the pages, this is what takes me more time then actually making them. You see them as not fully embellished yet tho. While working on the pages, embellishments that could be bit more bulky or in the way of making the backsides of the pages, i write those down so i dont forget them. When the album is about finished i will add them.
Maybe not the regular way its done, but it works for me :) . Above is the cover( not fully embellished as i want it to be either yet. "sigh" Colors are lot more vibrant then the pictures show here on the blog, sorry.
This is the backside of the cover page for now.

Here is the first real page. It has 2 pieces on it that in a way open up.
This is the page "opened".
The back side of it is not glued down yet, have a couple decisions to make on it still ;)
So back to that then.  Take care everyone and have a wonderful creative day!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini dresses,paper and cloth...

Hello peeps,
Yep i finally could bring myself to post again. Sorry, but its been a hectic time lately ..again.."sigh".
Today i am posting some mini dresses as the titel of the post already says, lol.
Before you read on, please visit Kelly Reynolds blog ,this is  a amazing talented lady who is one of the most generous bloggers i have ever met. She posts videos on how to make her creations freely . Thank you so much Kelly! The 2 dresses that follow here were based on Kelly's templates.

 This one i named my "Rosita" dress.

 Hmm front and back of the "Butterfly bliss". Blogger messed with the following order and would not let me change that..grr...
After making these, i wanted a 3d corset. So that is what i made, then a light came on. (in my head sometimes to much of that but ok, this time it worked lol) I wanted tutu"s. ( sure hope i wrote that right).
Swann lake came to mind, so i just had to make the white and the black swann tutu. Makes sense right?

The black one does not have shoulder straps (yet) but is laced on the back.

Well peeps that's what i wanted to share with you for now.
Hoping to post some started hand made albums soon.
Take care and do not forget to visit Kelly you will not be sorry you did.
Bye bye for now and a hug,

Friday, February 1, 2013

No words tags..

 Hello peeps, i know it has been a while. I hope everyone is doing good.

Blogger has has some issues lately, did not make me feel like posting much sorry. Photos would not load or not appear when loaded etc. I do not have the patience for that, really not that much impressed with the new blogging thing here. Not giving up tho ! Just not sitting here waiting for half an hour for things to load. So if blogger works good i will post if not, i will move on to something else to do with my day lol.
 Couple of no word tags. they are not smallest sizes, but were such fun to work on.

The flower holds a part of an old earring.
The dress forms are from the Tim Holz series. Now waiting on my dies for them lol.

Take care peeps, hope to cya again soon if blogger will...