Monday, September 14, 2009

I am Back!!! For real!!!LOL

Hello there people hope this post finds you all well.
Want to thank everybody that has been supporting me throe a difficult time....and thank you all for the welcome back..s...
I know I said I would be back sooner but things just were not going that way.
This time its for!!
Ok want to share some necklaces that I have made in the moments of sanity ( hmm wonder...what that is) and time heavy sentence here..
Below you will find pictures of necklaces made out of old broken jewelry and polymer clay as well as fabric. I did ad here and there some new things too.
I am looking forward to your responses my friends..plz as always be honest in your opinion. Its helps me so much in my work, I learn from your comments, really!!
Ohh and yes I did get to lend a camera for now...

Did make something special for a very generous person and it should be going in the mail tomorrow. I did not make a picture of it since I did not want to give away what it I hope he likes it..oops..did I say to
Any way, this is not going to be a long post because I am of to the studio creating some more.
Hope you all have a wonderful and great day!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

From one thing into the other.....

My dear friends, I really hope this post finds you all sound and well!!
It is true its been going from one thing into the other, like a never ending story!
Every time we think we have solved one problem the next shows up. Have not forgotten about the blog or you my friends. Just have not been able to get to it.
Now its clearing up here ( for now, my camera is refusing to totally do anything..
With totally..I mean its dead...deceased, kaputt...!!
The saddest part if all is , that I have been creating some things and wanted to post them. Yeah right...soooo not happening today or tomorrow since I do not have money to buy a new one.
There is the option of lending a camera and I think that's the route I will proceed in for now.
Wanted to let all you wonderful people know that I have not forgotten or were giving up...just..well I just hope you all understand.
Will be back with pics soon!
Love you all and thanks for all you support!!!