Monday, August 29, 2011

Cream with my coffee..

Hi there peeps hope this post finds you all well.
A big thank you to all that responded to my last post, i so appreciate your input and lovely comments.
Today i am posting a collage in coffee dyed colors and cream, hence the "cream with my coffee" lol.

The button as showed in the picture below, was a regular plastic button. Since i dont have any real vintage buttons and cannot effort any. I had to get creative and modpodge paper to these. I think they came out pretty good?!

The picture is stitched to a creamy Jute( has some coffee on it don't ask why, was accidental is all i can say ;) ) Then the whole thing was put on corrugated cardboard which was edged with some lace. The big thingy under her pic is an old belt buckle. Have not figured out yet how to attach it on there, same with the cardboard. But they are going to be attached on there without no doubt, soon as i know how lol.

The whole base of the hanging is canvas, that i found in a yard sale. Its kinda thick but this way is a good base for the heavier stuff to be attached.

The colored stripes on the background are from an old silk blouse, i thought it would break it all up a bit. The flowers are made as in my lace paper flower tutorial. This time all is stained with coffee. When you look really close you can see some coffee grinds on them lol. I restained them when they were drying with the modpodge not thinking that the grinds would be unremoveable afterwards hahaha. But it seemed it added some texture to them so i don't mind it.
Well that my post for now folks. Hope you all stay well and safe and have a wonderful creative day!
Big Hug,


Plush Possum Studio said...

This is so rich and lovingly rendered, I want to dive right in and melt into your color choices with my own project. This is, after all, my favorite color combo!
Gloriously rich, this piece! And all that lace, oh my!

Sandie said...

This is truly gorgeous! Love it!

Sandie xx

Maggi said...

What a lovely piece. I really like the way that the strip peeks out on the left. Hope you manage to work out how to attach things.

Fabric Art said...

Andrea your collage is so wonderful,love everything about it, I don't like to drink coffee but I love to dye fabric with coffee, it gives a great color.

Pattie said...

I love the cream with my coffee look,right up my street as they say :)) beautiful work ! I also like your pink theme fabric page,very inspiring,I have to come back later to see what else you have created x