Monday, November 24, 2008

Good morning people,I guess its time for an update. Took lots of pictures of some of the latest projects. (Noo...the studio is not finished yet,but very close to it.)
Ok, I will show you some pictures of projects made with paper fabric and some projects done with paper casting.
Paper fabric ( fabric paper?) is where you glue thin fabric and paper and pieces if scrap fabric,yarn etc, anything that's flat between another thin piece of fabric. I like to use sheers on the top and sometimes tulle.
As a glue for this I use Elmers all purpose, that gets thinned up with water so it will spread easier and soak in well. They are stitched on wool felt that I found in a second hand store.
Painting the edges of the pieces on top ads more dimension to it I think.
The "batting " is Timtex, you will need a stiff interfacing or something like Timtex. Layering the fabric paper(or paper and the embellishment will make it need the support.

Paper casting...
I just love the way color came out on this one.
This should make something interesting in a journal or altered book.
The top one of these two has Mod Podge on it, that's why its glossy.

Paper casting can be done in many different ways, I like to use the less messy and cheapest one(only logical right!). Toilet paper spread in separate pieces over your cast, stating with 2 layers.
Once you put those on your lets say rubber stamp(that's what I used for the ones in the pictures),
you take a paint brush that's not to sturdy and tap water on the toilet paper,making sure you tap in into every detail. Note!! Tap do not rub or wipe, toilet paper does not like to be abused and will tear. Ad another layer still using a little bit of water to direct the paper where you want it to go, tapping it. Then ad at least two more layers(or more if you want). Let dry and peel of carefully and voila, you made a paper cast. While drying you could ad some paint or ink on the back, or ink up you stamp before putting the paper on. The ink will run but that will just ad more dimension to it. Go ahead and try it, find something in your house that could be used as a cast and have a go at it! Let me know how it turned out.
The two stockings on the quilts were made with fabric paper, and painted and embellished with sequin, beads and paint. Well go and have fun and take care!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good morning everyone! Hope you are having or going to have a great day.
Meet Joyce..she is a very happy spirit and even when it is a chilly day, she just puts on her head band and her wool vest and smiles!
Yes..I know the pictures seem to be different in color. If you have read my previous blogs, you know that the camera and me are not the best of friends on certain moments. Can you believe that these pictures were taken on the some time at the same place, all I changed was turning Joyce around so she could show of her pretty fabric and vest.
Between you and me...I think that one time that my hubby and I were in Yellowstone and he dropped the camera, did not do the thing any good. It got literally dropped on its head..and this is what became of it...I am sure of
Thinking about doing a class on these dolls...these are such fun to make. It is a thrill to give them there own personalities. Well people give me some input here and again have a wonderful day!
Take care,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi there,
Its been a couple of days, I know.
Thought that maybe you would like this paper to download. You could use it printed on fabric as a background too. Just let you imagination run wild.
Later on I will have to attack that camera again. The doll in the previous blog is sold. I named her Melissa and had a hard time letting her go. It amazes me that every time I sell a piece of work, does not matter what kind of work, I do not like to see it go..hmm. A good friend of mine told me that as soon as something leaves your hands to cut the naval cord, well working on that one......
So, I will take a picture of Joyce later and post it. Talk to you guys later....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi there people.
I finally did it, went and got contact lenses. BUT....There is a big but to it ,now I cannot see without reading glasses..pfff. I mean without the contact its fine, with the contacts..nothing zip..nada! Soooo, yes, I got reading glasses too. This led to the fact that I needed reading glasses case. You see my problem here right?
Took out the needle felting machine, felted some roving on a piece of batting,stitched it with the sewing machine for some accents and cut it to size. Hand stitched it with a blanket stitch together and voila! Then I decided it needed some pizazz...or however on wright that word. Beads, glass beads were the answer. so some beads stitch on and I was content with the case. I have been in denial for reading glasses for a while now but with my pretty case to show off, its not as bad.
Please note that there are no beads on the back, I decided that putting on to many beads would be unhandy if case to be used in a purse. Anyway have a great day and let me know what you think!
(For the people in my area...I will be teaching a class on this on the 31th of January. It will be at Brady's in Idaho falls)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi,there! Hmm..nice cup of Jasmin tea and a big piece of 'leftover' chocolate!Soo well, for now the drywall is coming along in the studio just fine. Except, that the washing machine is not playing nice, she decided to leak water and now hubby has to spent time to fix her...ooh well. Hang on, need more chocolate...found some more YES!!! Anyway,every time hubby makes some head time, something else happens. I wonder.....whats staying positive, thing are going just
I have decided to spent some more time in making some art dolls, this way I do not need a lot of space, because right now that's what I am lacking of. As you see, put some pictures up of my last" experiments", actually they came out right the way I wanted. They are up for sale on Horses Arts. More to come.
I finally found out how to work that camera by myself...well almost. The thing has some features on there that make me go: What the heck..!!!! Is it doing now!!!
I guess with more practice I will grow out of that too. If you see my stuff in here..please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!( gotta go..finished the chocolate!)
Take care,
Machine needle felted, hand needle felted..done this weekend!