Monday, January 26, 2009

Could not wait till tomorrow!!!

Could not wait...after cruising all these wonderful blogs and give away.....seeing how many people are participating in the One World-One Heart give away. I had to start posting mine!
These are the first two prices that I will be posting, depending on how many comments that are coming in, I will be putting up some more. That's to say if that is not against the rules. If it is somebody please tell me!!!!
The stamps are all foam backed and have the sticky backs to adhere to acrylic blocks. The pink ones are Hampton art stamps, have no idea what brand the beetle is. But he looks cute, he to is foam backed. The paper is handmade and pretty sturdy, would make maybe a smaller card or be pretty if die-cut.
Hoping that my give away will make some people happy.......

One World-One Heart!!!

Dear friends....good morning.
I know I should have done this earlier but better late then never right?
Tomorrow I will be posting my give away for one World- One Heart 2009.

I have never done anything like this but am going to do my best to do it right.
Hope to see you all tomorrow


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodies!!! I am spoiled and I like it!!!!

Hi there folks.
How are we all doing today?
Hope you are all well and happy and last but not least creating?
Have to share this with you guys, I got spoiled yesterday afternoon.
See end of this week I will be teaching two needle felting classes in Idaho Falls (Bradys for the locals), I needed more wool and so off to the Lazy J. Now I need to turn this.....

into this.....

On the following picture you see dyed goat hair, I bought it like that and it needle felts like a dream.

Then the other two small donuts in front of the wool are bamboo silk and soy silk.....and omg...these are even better then real silk. The softness and the sheen.. I am in needle felting heaven.

When we got home it was frozen pizza ( yes we did heat it before we ate it!), for dinner. No way that I was going to cook....Hubby saw that one coming, the pizza was actually his
Then into the studio till about one o'clock and created this. Used commercial felt to felt on and then the bamboo silk and the goat hair. The green is some kind of yarn that I bought at a yard sale, it felted pretty good.

Its is going to be a shoulder bag...what you think?
Well guys gotta go back to shovel snow..again and dye some more wool . Then when I am waiting for the dyeing process I guess...I will just have to play some
Love you all my friends, you rock!
Take care and go and create!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Little things and snow....

Good morning everyone...yes its snowing here still as we speak. Woke up this morning to about three inches and more to come. Geez..just when we got rid of the white stuff we get more.
Spending time in the studio is just a bliss, the radio on and the snow falling and the heater on cozy!
The last couple of weeks I have been wanting to make small things, why...? Heck if I know...just because.... Or something like that.
A friend of mine showed me how to make little real books and I just had to make some.
The one in the pictures is the first one I made, the penny gives you an estimate of the size. She made her covers with paper, I used fabric and sealed it with mod podge. This gives it some more sturdiness and seals the fabric.
I stamped the paper, and glued images etc. Think I will make some more and make them into little altered books...what do you think?
I wishing everybody a very good day, stay warm, ....go and create,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before blogging???

Good morning folks!
I am asking myself the question...what was life like before I started blogging?
I honestly do not remember (senior moment?).
Yours truly feels so blessed with all the friends I've made since I started blogging. The generosity of all of you in your sharing...just awesome!
Not to forget, all the nice and uplifting comments on my creations.
Really people I am very great full!
Today some little things on the posting board. The flower wall hanging..? Well I guess I am hoping for spring SOON!!!( It was 12F this morning) I just started it and you can see it needs more work...and finishing of
The other picture is a journal page about how we sometimes should not just go with what we see but use all our senses, we miss out so much in life otherwise.
I am hoping you all have a wonderful day and go and create!
Big hugs....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moved in!!!

Good morning people,
I hope this day finds you all well. I did move into my studio on a make do base. The money tree in the backyard does not want to grow any of it right now. I am happy to be in there and it works just great for me right now. The finishing off can be done step by step, the bills come
Ready for some pictures? Sorry not of the studio..yet...later promise!
Well ....what can I say, seen a lot about stick dolls lately. Made my own version with used paint stirring stick and old cd's.
Let me know what you guys think of them, really appreciate all the input.
The valentine one was the first, then I got into the flower girl and last was the autumn one with the leaves. After taking the pic, I see that the valentine needs some clean up on the glue, sorry.
The fritter(felt-critter) below was just a playing around thing. If anyone is interested, I can post or mail the scanned pattern.

Well for now friends keeping it short, but will be back with more tomorrow!
Take care everybody!
Go and create!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To much stuff!!

Good morning people!
Getting ready to move into the studio. Started to sort things out a bit,guess what I found out....I HAVE TO MUCH Need more shelves , lots of them and cabinets...lots of them.
Oh my , it's going to take me forever to get everything in it's place. Probably will not be posting for a couple of days....sorry.
I did for now include a pic of a piece that I am still working on, it's hand painted muslin, stamped tissue paper that's mod podged to the fabric and markers. When I started this, I was thinking of trips that still needed to be made, treasures that still needed to be discovered. And maybe a little bit of influence of Johny Depp as a pirate? Anyway that is it for now folks, really going to spent a couple (or more) days on my other dream...the studio.
I am not abandoning my blog, just giving it a will talk to you guys soon,
Take care everybody...go and create,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its getting!!!1

Here are some pictures of my studio to be. I am soooo needs shelves and so on. But the end is near. The brown door is a slide door into the house, the glass slide door opens into the backyard and the other regular door is the entrance for visitors. Hope you guys do not mind my bragging about this...its my long lived dream to have studio like this. My husband build this all by himself just for me..He needs some big applause!

PLaying with water color paper....

Hi there folks!
Have been playing with water color paper a bit. These are backgrounds that probably need some more work but I thought to share with you guys.
Its water color paper, inks and paint. The blue one has some left over paper fabric hearts on it.
The hand is printed tissue paper that was fused on freezer paper first, then peeled of and glued down. Some stamps were used too. A piece of my hand made paper is glued on after I stamped it.
If there is anything you like here, please feel free and help yourself to it.
Like I said, they are unfinished, I am leaving it up to you to finish it your way if you would like. If you do use some of this...can I please see what you did with it? It always thrills me to see what others come up with .
Be back later, have fun...go and create!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brain stretching???

There are moments when one wants to create so much in one moment, that you actually cannot get yourself to do anything. Do you know that feeling?
Well had it yesterday and it continues today, must be the weather or something.
So I decided yesterday that I needed to challenge myself. The challenge would be using fabric scrap strips in a collage with my own made paper and not cut anything up. LEAVE IT AS IS AND WORK WITH IT! To get balance in color and composition that way can be very challenging as yours truly found out after a couple of hours INTO IT.
Thank god for oil crayons and magic markers! Used those to pull it together, oh yeah and some puff paint to make the white dots come out more. Pff...well here it is, think it is not totally finished yet and have not decided if I will make a couple more and put them together.
Below is a challenge I gave myself last year. The background is commercial fabrics, that was not a challenge.....the flowers however are another story. Once upon a time there was my favorite capris, they were a size eight. Then menopause happened, at least I think it did because everybody was telling me so.....
Then wearing my favorite capris came with two choices: 1. wearing them and stop breathing or 2. do not wear them. Since I am not suicidal the latter of the choices was the one I choose.
This "forced" me into recycling them...the fabric is a nice cotton sateen and the colors I just loved. Just forgot that it was stretch, which means not the best choice for applique. Halfway the project I was really questioning my sanity...but got the job done and here it is!

Ok.. people that was it for today, have a great day, go and create!!!
Take care,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something you need to know!

Hi there folks!
Need to share this with you...Lani Kent, whose blog I just now found is giving away some awesome stuff. You really need to check this out. I promised I would link or at least try to mention it with the "address' on my blog.
So here it is... not miss out on this!
While you are on her blog, check out her creations, they are very inspiring.
Have a good one today...go and create!

P.S included a little free-bie to download.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just cruising along.

Hello there people,
Just cruising along into the new year here. Hope you are all doing well.
Putting up a picture of my needle felted tree and my wall quilt that I call ocean treasures.
The tree is machine needle felted in my own hand dyed fabric( muslin). Ocean treasures is made out of commercial fabric, like that on the borders and hand painted fabric. The background is one piece, I know it looks like two different pieces but its
Bubble wrap is used in this to to get the bubblie print...makes sense does it not duh?
The seahorses were first rubbed with oil crayons then the outline stitched with the machine while they were covered with tulle. I tought that the beading gave it that extra sparkle.
Well that's it for now might be back later today and show some more. talk to you later guys, have fun, go and create!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New (tag?) Year!!

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!

I my goodness, I have been tagged!! Thanks
Never done this before...soooo... here it goes. It means that I have to tell eight things about myself in my blog. It also means that I have to tag eight other people.
Well here it comes:

1. I am a very stubborn person, always want to do things my way. ( my husband agrees with that!)

2. My bluntness and my occasional lack of tact get me into trouble sometimes. I would never hurt somebody intentionally. Hubby is the one that reins me in when needed.

3. Animals are very important to me, we have four cats and three dogs. I would like more, but hubby says that would be a divorce. He thinks that the five rescue animals out of the seven is enough..what do you think?

4.Talking Horses was the name I used when I was still training horses. I talked to them and they talked back...really!!
I just liked the ring to the name, soo.... I kept it.

5.Love snow but not the cold. Since these go together, I will just have to deal with it...I guess?

6.Was born in Germany and raised in Holland. But the States are my home now...and I love it!
God Bless America!!!

7. My son ( the only child we have) is in the Navy and I am very proud of him.

8. Love to travel...need to rob a bank first.

Now the people that I tagged....

Patty at
Andrea at
Martha at
Karen at
Melinda at
Alis at
Marve at
Linda at

If any of you have been tagged already..sorry...please then disregard my tagging you!
This is the first time I get to do this, soo..let me know if I did anything wrong.
Wishing you all a very creative New Year....( the not tagged people too of course!)
Lets go and create .....
Love all of you....