Friday, August 12, 2011

Some flower help.....?!

Hello there peeps hope this post finds you all well.
There were a lot of reactions on my flower post which made me decide to explain a bit how they were made. I know a lot of you already know how, but some might not . Anyways i figgered i might not hurt lol.

Lets start with these little puppies.

Some old book pages were used and stained with ranger inks. The airondack inks are not water proof, so if you make you paper wet they can be nicely spread and even blended. Since you will be modpodging the page in later stage its no worry that they are not "waterproof". Tho i recommend not to take the flowers for a swim when you made them lol.

For the lace part( ones pages are dry, you can iron them to speed up that process) i used an old lace curtain that i found in my stash. really no clue how i got it by the way.
The template is and 6 petal flower. Now that kinda important so keep that in mind, 6 petals.
Ok, when the pages are dry you modpodge the lace/curtain or whatever your using to the page.
Now the fun par is you can stain the pages or not , whatever you fancy or aiming for in result. The lace/curtain can be dyed or colored after wards. I did mine after wards as i will explain in a bit.
When everything is modpodged and dry( hairdryer does wonders ), you used your template to draw the flower on the back. You will need 3 flowers for one finished flower. When done cut them out.
As you might see #3 is little bit smaller, i cut that one a bit more inside the lines.This will be the last flower added of all 3.

Here all 3 are from the front, now i am going to add some color with a permanent marker. Why not an inkpad you ask? well let me show you.
When you rub a marker on its side over the lace you will get more to see of the texture of the lace. That was the result i was aiming for.Do the edges to it will define your flower more.

Then you fold your flowers in half 2 times across to find the middle, mark it with with a pencil. I did with my marker so it was easier to see on the pic. Then you cut flower1 to the middle, as the line shows. Flower 2 will need to loose a petal. Flower3 looses 2 petals, do NOT throw those away. In the next pic i have glued them together, to make them stick i use these clamp thingies( whatever those are called, but are very handy).

When they are dry you use the chopstick to roll the petals of the flowers to the outside a bit. The little " leftover 2 and 1 petals you cut out will be rolled inside themselves. As you see in this pic.
Now i do not pretend that making a flower like this is my idea, by all means its NOT.
I just added a little twist to the materials used that's all.
To finish the flower cut the bottom of the #2 and 3 far enough so they all fit nicely into each other. The leftover petals will need some cutting too.
Use generous glue that will dry clear when you stick them together and your done.
Wow that was a long post for my doing lol. For the other flowers i will make a new post. Hope you enjoyed this flower trip and that it helped some of you. Pretty flowers simple and without to many expensive materials, but endless possibilities. try different colors or and stamping on the paper before adding the lace.
Have a creative wonderful day everyone,
P.s if i have time i will post for the other flowers today, otherwise it will be tomorrow.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very nice tutorial--makes me feel like I could create these! Have a great weekend!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Thanks moose , wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

Sandi said...

Great tutorial! I will be back to actually "do" it and not just look! Thanks for coming my way - I've signed up for you too! Have a great Saturday!!

Pattie said...

WOW i will be back to take note when i need some of flowers,beautiful!!x

Mod Podge Amy said...

These turned out so great! How fun!