Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To much stuff!!

Good morning people!
Getting ready to move into the studio. Started to sort things out a bit,guess what I found out....I HAVE TO MUCH Need more shelves , lots of them and cabinets...lots of them.
Oh my , it's going to take me forever to get everything in it's place. Probably will not be posting for a couple of days....sorry.
I did for now include a pic of a piece that I am still working on, it's hand painted muslin, stamped tissue paper that's mod podged to the fabric and markers. When I started this, I was thinking of trips that still needed to be made, treasures that still needed to be discovered. And maybe a little bit of influence of Johny Depp as a pirate? Anyway that is it for now folks, really going to spent a couple (or more) days on my other dream...the studio.
I am not abandoning my blog, just giving it a will talk to you guys soon,
Take care everybody...go and create,

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Judy Scott said...

all the best with sorting your studio, my problem is that when everything is tidied away I cant find what I need!! Have fun ~ Judy