Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its getting!!!1

Here are some pictures of my studio to be. I am soooo needs shelves and so on. But the end is near. The brown door is a slide door into the house, the glass slide door opens into the backyard and the other regular door is the entrance for visitors. Hope you guys do not mind my bragging about this...its my long lived dream to have studio like this. My husband build this all by himself just for me..He needs some big applause!


maggi said...

He needs more than just applause. Go ahead and enjoy bragging about the space - it is something we would all do given the chance. Look forward to seeing the end result.

Candy said...

Congratulations on your new space...I am jealous. Can't wait to see pics after you move in. Bless your very loving hubby and don't forget to hug him special everyday (even those days when your paths/ideas clash)for his heart is in the right place.

J and Z said...

oooo what a wonderful space!!! wonderful light!