Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before blogging???

Good morning folks!
I am asking myself the question...what was life like before I started blogging?
I honestly do not remember (senior moment?).
Yours truly feels so blessed with all the friends I've made since I started blogging. The generosity of all of you in your sharing...just awesome!
Not to forget, all the nice and uplifting comments on my creations.
Really people I am very great full!
Today some little things on the posting board. The flower wall hanging..? Well I guess I am hoping for spring SOON!!!( It was 12F this morning) I just started it and you can see it needs more work...and finishing of
The other picture is a journal page about how we sometimes should not just go with what we see but use all our senses, we miss out so much in life otherwise.
I am hoping you all have a wonderful day and go and create!
Big hugs....


martha brown said...

I am so ready for Spring. I can't work in my studio (aka basement) because it is too cold. i'm looking into getting a space heater -- but I have so much bits of paper floating around, that I'm afraid that I'll start a fire..... Lets dream of warmer times in the very near future.....

Kayla coo said...

Your studio looks wonderful, so much space.
Lovely art work.
Thanks for your very kind comments.xx