Saturday, January 10, 2009

PLaying with water color paper....

Hi there folks!
Have been playing with water color paper a bit. These are backgrounds that probably need some more work but I thought to share with you guys.
Its water color paper, inks and paint. The blue one has some left over paper fabric hearts on it.
The hand is printed tissue paper that was fused on freezer paper first, then peeled of and glued down. Some stamps were used too. A piece of my hand made paper is glued on after I stamped it.
If there is anything you like here, please feel free and help yourself to it.
Like I said, they are unfinished, I am leaving it up to you to finish it your way if you would like. If you do use some of this...can I please see what you did with it? It always thrills me to see what others come up with .
Be back later, have fun...go and create!

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