Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodies!!! I am spoiled and I like it!!!!

Hi there folks.
How are we all doing today?
Hope you are all well and happy and last but not least creating?
Have to share this with you guys, I got spoiled yesterday afternoon.
See end of this week I will be teaching two needle felting classes in Idaho Falls (Bradys for the locals), I needed more wool and so off to the Lazy J. Now I need to turn this.....

into this.....

On the following picture you see dyed goat hair, I bought it like that and it needle felts like a dream.

Then the other two small donuts in front of the wool are bamboo silk and soy silk.....and omg...these are even better then real silk. The softness and the sheen.. I am in needle felting heaven.

When we got home it was frozen pizza ( yes we did heat it before we ate it!), for dinner. No way that I was going to cook....Hubby saw that one coming, the pizza was actually his
Then into the studio till about one o'clock and created this. Used commercial felt to felt on and then the bamboo silk and the goat hair. The green is some kind of yarn that I bought at a yard sale, it felted pretty good.

Its is going to be a shoulder bag...what you think?
Well guys gotta go back to shovel snow..again and dye some more wool . Then when I am waiting for the dyeing process I guess...I will just have to play some
Love you all my friends, you rock!
Take care and go and create!


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe it!! I have just done my first post about my needle felting machine and a scarf that I just made!!! Too cool!! I love your hand dyed wools and silks- wish that you could teach me!! the bag is beautiful and I would love to get my hands on some of that soy silk!!! your colors are wonderful!!
Can't wait to see pictures of your class works!! Don't forget your camera!!

Don't hurt yourself shoveling snow!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I think it is stunning! WOW! Melinda

Pat Winter said...

Your felted bag is very beautiful. You are really good at this.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Andrea ~ your bag is just splendid, you must be so pleased with it! Warm greetings from snowy Virginia :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

I lobe all the yummy colors! I would love to take a class. Too bad you are so far away! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. At least we can keep in touch and learn from each other in blogland!

Linda said...

What a gorgeous piece of art - I love it! I attended a needle felting workshop a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed this new skill.
You have inspired me even more Andrea, thank you.
Linda :-)

Linda said...