Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brain stretching???

There are moments when one wants to create so much in one moment, that you actually cannot get yourself to do anything. Do you know that feeling?
Well had it yesterday and it continues today, must be the weather or something.
So I decided yesterday that I needed to challenge myself. The challenge would be using fabric scrap strips in a collage with my own made paper and not cut anything up. LEAVE IT AS IS AND WORK WITH IT! To get balance in color and composition that way can be very challenging as yours truly found out after a couple of hours INTO IT.
Thank god for oil crayons and magic markers! Used those to pull it together, oh yeah and some puff paint to make the white dots come out more. Pff...well here it is, think it is not totally finished yet and have not decided if I will make a couple more and put them together.
Below is a challenge I gave myself last year. The background is commercial fabrics, that was not a challenge.....the flowers however are another story. Once upon a time there was my favorite capris, they were a size eight. Then menopause happened, at least I think it did because everybody was telling me so.....
Then wearing my favorite capris came with two choices: 1. wearing them and stop breathing or 2. do not wear them. Since I am not suicidal the latter of the choices was the one I choose.
This "forced" me into recycling them...the fabric is a nice cotton sateen and the colors I just loved. Just forgot that it was stretch, which means not the best choice for applique. Halfway the project I was really questioning my sanity...but got the job done and here it is!

Ok.. people that was it for today, have a great day, go and create!!!
Take care,


Melinda Cornish said...

both pieces are just beautiful! Whenever I do something like flowers with stretch, afterwards I just quilt the heck out of it. The first piece I especially love, sometimes the ones you just make up as you go are my favorites. This one is really beautiful. Melinda

Griselda said...

Andrea your work is gorgeous!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments too.

purplepaint said...

Oh these are gorgeous! Thank you for your comments on my Dec. BJP. :) Marva