Thursday, February 19, 2009

What do you think..??

Good morning folks!
I hope this post finds you all well!
Here is my try on altered art I tried to use as many as different foreign objects as I could come up with. What do you think? Any comments are welcome. I am hoping to learn from you guys's comments what I need to change or not. Really appreciate all the input that I can get.
The first one is made out of a wood block and an alt wind chime. The wood block is covered with tissue paper and mod podge. The bird is an old Christmas ornament. that had a hole in it, which I covered with a little mirror. The face is polymer clay made from my own mold.
The second one is a wood block stamped, painted and bees waxed. Some springs as arms, do not even remember where I got those. The cap is an old canning lid with wool left over. She is standing on an old desk leg. ( cannot remember where I got that Her hair is a left over strip from recycled wool. Her face is paper mache, painted distressed and waxed.
Well people, that's it for today, waiting for your feedback.........
Have a great wonderful day and go and create!


Suzan Buckner said...

Andrea--they are WONDERFUL!! I loveeeeee the face on the second one!! They are interesting, and colorful!! GREAT!!(NOT JUST SAYING THIS--I MEAN IT!!)

Thank you for your constant support, and comments!! Watch out--these dolls are addicting!

Elizabeth said...

Andrea!! i agree with Susan! Your dolls are fabulous and they don't need anything!! that is what is so much funa bout art dolls they can be whatever you say they are and you can use whatever you want!! these are terrific! I love the base of doll #2 very creative and different!! keep it up!

martha brown said...

These are GREAT!!!!!! if you are ever interested in a trade for any of your work for something of mine, let me know!!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

These are so whimsical! I love them.I wouldn't change a thing. They both would make wonderful additions to any artists studio.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I think they are both fabulous Andrea! Wish you could have heard me squeal when I clicked on your blog! The first one really speaks to me! Each one has so many special elements....very inspiring. I have a collection of doll heads and 'stuff', but haven't done all that much with it yet. Wonderful creations you!

Agnes the Red said...

Well these gals are just totally fantastic and their characters shout out! The top one just has the edge in the race for me and I wouldn't change ANYTHING about them! Ange x

*jean* said...

oooo these are wonderful!! so many delightful details!! well done!