Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun technique

Hello people for today I am posting some really fun stuff( Well...I had fun with
What you are looking at is my hand dyed fabric and stamped tissue paper.
I own a lot of commercial ( when I say lot talking really a lot) stamps. Most of them are very detailed and it is hard to get that detail on fabric. So this is what one can do: you stamp on the thin tissue paper and heat set it with your iron. I do recommend you use something between your iron and the tissue so you do not get ink on your iron. ( whom am I should see
After that you carefully mod podge the tissue from the back first, let dry, then do the front. Now on the front try not going over the image more then twice and do not worry about not seeing to much of your image, mod podge dries up clear. You do not need to make the layers thick and its even recommendable that you thin the mod podge with just a little water. LET DRY...Be When dry cut out your images the way you choose, tearing might be a little difficult, but you could get almost the same effect with craft or scrapbook scissors.
Choose where you want to place your image and...yes...mod podge it on the fabric. Now ones its one there, you can not remove keep that in mind. Do not worry about some mod podge spilling on your fabric you will hardly see it when its dry. When every thing is dry ( really dry!!)
You can iron the piece from the back of your fabric, not to hot, wool setting will do it. Again, its wise to protect your iron. Now you can stitch and embellish and/or put batting behind it and/or quilt it. You can even go in with markers and color some more, just give it time to dry in between coloring ( if you are impatient or should I say in a , try the hairdryer)
I do not think that this technique is to be recommended for heavily used textiles, but for wall hangings or fabric journal pages it works great. It also gives you a chance to use your stamps for more creativity.
I hope that some of you will try this...let me know what you came up with?? Pleazzze??
Have fun people...go and create....


martha brown said...

This looks great (and wonderful instructions too!)

maggi said...

Love these quilts and thanks for sharing the technique although I did have to Google modge podge to find out what it was!

purplepaint said...

Oh this is just gorgeous!!! Marva

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey Horse Talker! Love this idea. I'm always trying to "stamp" on my fabric and it just doesn't work well. Question: when you put the mod podge on for the first time from the back, doesn't the tissue stick down to the surface upon which it is laying when you mod podge it??? Hmmm?? what's the trick with that?

Melinda Cornish said...

This does look fun....I have used tissue paper and thinned glue to make a background before but never as a focal point. I am going to do some playing with this stuff! FUN! I love your two first pieces too...the tree is great...melinda

Maggie said...

this luks beautiful!