Monday, February 2, 2009

Not forgotten......

Hi there folks!
No I did not forget about the blog..really!
First of all...thank you for the HUGE amount of reactions to my OWOH give away, keep'm coming and I might ad some more goodies to be won! Keep checking this blog, because I will not post the extra's till last two days.( when we go past 150...) I know I'm

As I mentioned a couple a days ago, there were some classes to teach and that takes up time in preparation as well as in the classes itself. Been putting around just a little in the studio and made small things. Posting them right now as we speak. the cat purse might go to a good home. If anyone is interested, give me a buzz..ok?

The fairy is from 'The graphics Fairy', she is in the blogs I follow. You really need to check this blog out. This lady is sooooo generous with what she shares! here is her blog address:
Her back ground is paper with silk fibers(commercial), then wall paper pieces and paint, stamps and ink. Printed paper, fussy cut stuff etc. I am not sure if she wants to leave...but you could always ask and I will take it up with her..who knows??? ( don't worry about the pin, it did not hurt her a bit)
The cat purse is made from felted recycled sweaters. Like I mentioned, if you want to give hime a home email me and I will send more pictures .
There is only one of him!
Dear people that is it for now, please keep the comments coming!
Love you guys, have a great day...go and create!


maggi said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Love the cat purse - I think my cat would like to be wrapped up in a felted jumper at the moment. I really must take a look at the One World and find time to read what it involves, so many people seem to be getting involved.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a nice cat bag you made. It is so darn cute. I'd love to give it a new home. It would be a pleasure owning. My hubby got laid off from work back in Novemaber, so I'm afraid I'll have to let the cat slip on by. But still wanted to tell you how darling it turned out. Jody