Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last day OWOH!!!!

Today is the last day folks!! I will take entries till 8pm mountain time and then its over. Tomorrow morning I will announce the winners and send them their mail, so I can get the addresses to send the prizes. Good luck to all that have entered and all that will enter till 'closing time'.
This whole event has been such fun and we all got to meet many different people. The wonderful blogs one gets to cruise, that probably I would never have found without this event..awesome!!!
I feel honored that some of you think my work is good enough to be a follower of my blog. I hope that I can keep up with your expectations !!!
I have to ask you people when you read this, to take a moment and think about the people in Australia who have lost everything in the wildfires. Please say a prayer for them!!!!!
If you know anybody from around there, if you can...let them know that our hearts and prayers are with them!!
Thanks to everyone that entered my give away and for sharing your wonderful blogs!!
Just....well love you all....take care and have a great wonderful day!!
Ooh yeah....go and create!

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