Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Needle felted landscape...

Hello there people!
I hope this post finds you all well!
Decided to finish of a needle felting project, its machine felted with my own dyed wool on burlap.
Yours truly found out that you need more wool when felting on burlap, since it punches thru it easily. The plus side is that when you want to push the fibers back to the front, on burlap it really works great. By pushing back to the front, I mean needle felt it from the back. The wool mixes great when pushed back, this means a better mix of your colors. The piece ended up being bigger then originally planned so I had to ad some more wool. When I did that I did not ad more burlap. Just attached more wool to the existing piece. If you look at the close up in the top left corner you can see where the wool was added. The back is lighter. This will not be a problem ( I hope) once the piece is mounted on wood or some other backing fabric. Well that is to say, if I a use darker background then the piece. If that does not work, I will just needle felt a piece of burlap to fit. Hmm...maybe that is what I will do to start with....what do you think..lol.
For now I am thinking of free motion stitching it with the sewing machine. Still have to decide what colors for that.
This is it for now...want to thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring comments...love 'em thanks soooooooo much..with a big hug!
Take care and go and create!


Melinda Cornish said...

I love this and using burlap is a great idea....burlap has such a great texture anyway! Melinda

jackie said...

Thanks for finding and commenting on my blog. I like your experimental approach.

Judy Scott said...

wonderful and I would definitely free machine stitch into it ~ but I love free machining :) ~ I would probably use variagated threads to blend with all the different colours and so you dont have to change the thread so often!! ~ Judy

Linda said...

Hi Andrea...I have just discovered needle-felting and I love it. Your piece is gorgeous and very inspiring...I must track down some burlap (I've only tried velvet up to now).