Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inchie box...

Good morning people.
I hope this day finds you well.
Again, I want to thank everybody for their supportive and kind comments, you guys make my day!
Today I included something that I had to try. it was a tutorial that I found on;, by Patty Szymkowicz. You really have to check out her blog, its awesome. The link to her blog is in my blogs I follow.
Its about inches( little boxes actually). I have to admit that I cheated, my box was already made but i did not know what to do with. It was painted but not embellished. When I saw this tutorial, I could not help myself. So here it is.. my box. oooh and it is not a inchie..its a little
Well wanted to share this with you for now. Might be back later today, have to shovel snow first. that stuff just kept falling out of the sky yesterday like it was for
If I do not make it back today...have a wonderful day and remember..look at what you have and not at what you do not have! This way we will remember how blessed we are!


Linda said...

Hi Andrea...thats such a pretty inchie box, very festive.
(I love Patty's work, too)
I'm glad you visited our blog - please come back again soon!

Melinda Cornish said...

This is so cute! Melinda

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oooo Andrea your inchie ornament (close enough to an inch ;) turned out beautifully, Love the frosty finish you did on the edges! Great closeup pics too! It's wonderful how excited everyone has gotten over these little gems and so many ways to make them too! HoHoHo lucky you with snow....send some to Virginia..pretty please :)