Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogging time!

Hello people, time for some blogging!
Wish to thank all these wonderful people that mailed me and or left comments on my blog, thank you...I am honored!
Hoop your are all doing well and are getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are having trouble with that,check out the following address that I copied, maybe that will help! http://www.metacafe.com/w/yt-7hN-4gqlLrc/
( highlight it and then copy it into the search bar)
Ok, the following pictures are of a Christmas 'quicky', commercial felt, Christmas fabric left overs and some funky stitching. Was thinking of putting little bells in the trees as ornaments,what you think? Hoop to spark some ideas here! Let me know...if it does..lol.

The wall hanging on the top here was made for the lady that bought my horses. We have become very close friends and I wanted to make her something like a medicine horse. This is the design I came up with. Do you like it, I hope she will! The background fabric is more red then the picture shows. The Christmas 'quicky does not have white in it, somehow my camera decided it does. Whatever I tried, it stuck with that decision. Hoping for a new cam for Christmas..lol...keep hinting hubby! So the pictures are not the greatest, still wanted to share with you people.
Everybody have a great wonderful day...remember to think of what you have, not of what you do not have..and your day seems to be so much brighter !
With love and gratitude,

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Kim said...

I think your friend is very lucky indeed! It is a fab little piece, funky camera or not!