Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good morning people. I hope you all had a good day yesterday and a even better one today. If not, I am sorry, maybe I can cheer you up with some pictures of a new started project. I hope this way I can get the creative juices flowing...I know that that's something that always gives me a boost. For the ones that did have a great day and started this day great as well...ok...you can tag along for the ride..lol.
Last weekend hubby and I went to Pocatello( that's about 25 minutes south from here). I had just received my 50% of coupon from Jo-anns. Needless to say, it needed to be "used". Decided on a book called 'Fabric Art Journals' by Pam Sussman.
Its something new for me, since the word journals associate for me with a lot of personal writing. Something some of you might have noticed, not always my strongest point. But ok, back to the book....ITS COOL!! I like it the more I read it and I did read it already three times.
I must share with you the fact that I have never been to any class whatsoever and have thought myself by reading and research on the net. I started three years ago That's why I am soooooo great full to all of you out there that share their tutorials and blogs. This blog is meant to give something back and help people that are like me and want to fly on their own for whatever reason they have.
Ooh yeah back to the book...lol.
Started on the cover of my 'dreaming' book. I am into mythical creatures like fairies and wizards and unicorns. Uhem..yes..its the inner child in me I guess.
Wanted to share with what I was up to yesterday.....

The pictures did not end up on following order...guess who gave me trouble..yep, the cam...gonna drown it one day in the bathtub. Then hubby will have to buy a new one that actually WORKS for me also..lol. Above you see commercial fabric, its on the back side of one of the inner pages that I started. There is some spirals that need to be 'plucked' out and redone, that's what you get when you move the fabric faster then the machine. Sometimes you need to check the tension too. Me, I was just speeding along and now I will have to pay the price..lol Did I mention I am not the most patient person in the world?
Top here is some hand dyed silk with wax resist, its on the inside of the cover.
Here is the outside of the cover. Want to remind you..nothing is even close to finished yet. The fabric is commercial.
Hand dyed and wax resist silk with paper cast.

The paper cast wizard comes from a stamp from 'Stamps Happen'.I think he looks cool. He was colored with water colored pencils,paint and markers. Remember if you put mod podge on your stamps(thin it up with a little water),your cast will stay in one piece if it gets a little wet.
Now I have a wizard on a page floating in the middle of nowhere. Well I will keep you posted what planet he will land on...That's it for today folks. As always, if you have any questions mail me or make a comment and I will answer..promise!
What ever your doing today, have a great one and remember create!

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Susan Williamson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Andrea. Your dreaming book looks wonderful. Your choice of color and technique gives your pages a really mystical feel.
P.S. If I win the contest, I'll send you some paper!