Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes..it just don't work out.

Hello there peeps, i hope this blog finds you all well.
Question, have you ever started making something and then it just would NOT work out right?

Of course you have ( please tell me you did :)), we are artists and that makes us explorers right? It means we try things and sometimes they go not the way we planned.
The pictures included in this post are about a project that screamed Fail. So i put it asides for while till i would have an idea what to do with it. I don't just throw things away, if i did i would not be able to sleep at night thinking that maybe i could have done something with it. (sigh)
After  rolling layers of paint ,stitching, sanding, hand painting, more stitching, i think i saved this piece from the trash. And nope not gonna tell you what it original should have been either hahahaa.
A decorative pillowcase it has become, let me know what you think.
Hope all of you have a wonderful awesome creative day.
                                                                                  Big hug,


Maggi said...

Yes, too many failures to count. Often I get out the paint, or the scissors. Nothing much gets thrown out. I like this piece.

Jill Eudaly said...

It turned great. Setting something aside for a while helps. Go back later will a blank mind. I have piles of have done projects...sometimes you just get stuck.

Lisa Leavitt said...

Hey! where's the new pics!!! I know you've been working on something that's fabulous, you always are :)