Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work in progress..

 Hello there peeps.
 I hope this post finds you all well. Its been a while since I posted but here is one now .
This piece I started before I went in for my second operation this year. I hope to get it finished before this year ends lol.
 The inspiration for this piece comes from Ruth Rae's book, "layered,tattered &stitched".

 The front consists of my own hand dyed fabric and free motion stitching. Its needs something more but not sure what yet.

 The doors need wooden branches for handles that much I have decided on for sure.

 The inside is hand dyed stamped fabric with paper pieces added for interest. The paper is stamped too.
 The heart in the middle is needle felted organza in several layer and colors.
Then hand stitched with some coffee dyed scrim between the back layer and the heart to the background.
 The doors have on the inside french knots, tulle and some leftover of the needle felted organza.
The left door piece of fabric was stamped before I added it.
The bottom lace was dyed in same bath as the fabric. it is interesting how different fabric come out in such different colors. The 2 buttons used where cut from some vintage cloths I found on a yard sale.
Thinking of doing some hand beading and more stitching.
Well that's it for now guys. Wishing you all a fabulous day/evening/afternoon and take care .

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Maggi said...

Love this, especially the way in which the colours all tie together. The front does need more but I am sure that it will tell you what eventually. Glad you are back with us after your op.