Thursday, March 29, 2012

Following the book..kinda..

Hello there peeps as promised today i am posting the more" follow the book" piece i made.
(To catch up bout what i am talking please read previous post.)
It was not easy to get the pictures to show the texture well.
The gold paint reflects the light bit to much to give all of the pieces secrets away.."sigh"
The polymer clay pieces where all cut on the edges with fun cut craft scissors. that was before baking them of
here is the whole piece, bit wrinkled still. I am hoping to smooth it a bit from the back with a small iron.
Thinking about stretching it on a frame, it for sure is strong enough for it.
This piece was made with paints only, the pieces in the previous post i used inks on.
Well that's it for today, hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Maggi said...

Gorgeous. I love the blue and gold together.