Thursday, June 7, 2012

Until  then clothes..
Hye peeps hope this post finds you all well. Fully recovered from my operation and now heading towards the end of a very stubborn flu..yay!!
Wanted to show you my first needle sculpted doll face.
The people i did show her too told me she looks like Sher. ( if Sher ever reads this she is probably not going to feel flattered, my apologies ahead Sher.)
So yes i named her Sher. Her and me don't seem to see eye to eye bout her clothes (sigh, pop star issues already??) Lets not even mention the shoes, she thinks i made her feet ugly and would not let me photograph them (sigh..again) So the decision is made no clothes till we both agree upon them.
I am really glad i gave her at least some underwear (sigh..again..) or this blog be in lotsa trouble i suppose, LOL.
Everyone have a great day and take care,



Maggi said...

Glad to hear that you have recovered. Hope the flu goes away soon. Sher certainly seems to be a woman with attitude.

Mary Ann said...

She gorgeous:) Hope you get well soon.

Kelly Warren said...

Hope you are fully on the mend soon! I think Sher is awesome! Who needs clothes with that hair!?