Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello there peeps, been a long time i know.
Computer crash, sinus infections and some other health issues that include an operation soon have been taking my mojo. I did create some but was not in the mood at all to blog. I hope you understand and all is well with you.

Today's post is my first try of a doll in the style that Patty Medaris Culea, Barbara Willis and Jan Horrox present in their books. Cloth Doll Workshop by Patti Medaris Culea, Elinor Bailey and Barabra Willis is such an inspiring book, i really recommend it. If you like to sew and use all kinds of fiber this is the book for you. Introduction to Making Cloth dolls from Jan Horrox will do the same thing for you i promise.

(i apologize for the repeat of the photos, but somehow blogger would not let me delete the some of them. I guess my lucky day, blogger is glitching again lol.! )

Both books describe the making of cloth dolls from beginning to the end, give templates to start with and give you a good idea about making the faces. Ones you read these book there is no limit in making any cloth doll you want to make. I actually never was much into making dolls but now find that they can be a canvas to express myself just like any other art or craft form. i have made 2 more that need finishing using the templates from the books. When finished i hope to share them with you.
Wishing all a wonderful creative day, stay healthy and take care folks.
Till soon i hope.

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martha brown said...

You have done a fantastic job on this doll -- I love her!