Monday, November 24, 2008

Good morning people,I guess its time for an update. Took lots of pictures of some of the latest projects. (Noo...the studio is not finished yet,but very close to it.)
Ok, I will show you some pictures of projects made with paper fabric and some projects done with paper casting.
Paper fabric ( fabric paper?) is where you glue thin fabric and paper and pieces if scrap fabric,yarn etc, anything that's flat between another thin piece of fabric. I like to use sheers on the top and sometimes tulle.
As a glue for this I use Elmers all purpose, that gets thinned up with water so it will spread easier and soak in well. They are stitched on wool felt that I found in a second hand store.
Painting the edges of the pieces on top ads more dimension to it I think.
The "batting " is Timtex, you will need a stiff interfacing or something like Timtex. Layering the fabric paper(or paper and the embellishment will make it need the support.

Paper casting...
I just love the way color came out on this one.
This should make something interesting in a journal or altered book.
The top one of these two has Mod Podge on it, that's why its glossy.

Paper casting can be done in many different ways, I like to use the less messy and cheapest one(only logical right!). Toilet paper spread in separate pieces over your cast, stating with 2 layers.
Once you put those on your lets say rubber stamp(that's what I used for the ones in the pictures),
you take a paint brush that's not to sturdy and tap water on the toilet paper,making sure you tap in into every detail. Note!! Tap do not rub or wipe, toilet paper does not like to be abused and will tear. Ad another layer still using a little bit of water to direct the paper where you want it to go, tapping it. Then ad at least two more layers(or more if you want). Let dry and peel of carefully and voila, you made a paper cast. While drying you could ad some paint or ink on the back, or ink up you stamp before putting the paper on. The ink will run but that will just ad more dimension to it. Go ahead and try it, find something in your house that could be used as a cast and have a go at it! Let me know how it turned out.
The two stockings on the quilts were made with fabric paper, and painted and embellished with sequin, beads and paint. Well go and have fun and take care!


Patricia said...

Your stockings are really beautiful. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog about the fabric hearts - it means very much to me. Hope you have a lovely new week.

Elizabeth said...

Your stockings are beautiful!!!! I LOVE Fabric/Paper too- sometimes the best part is just making the big sheets of it- then it is sometimes hard to cut it up!!! LOL!!! I also love your paper castings- especially the last one- that is a BEAUTIFUL STAMP!!!