Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi there people.
I finally did it, went and got contact lenses. BUT....There is a big but to it ,now I cannot see without reading glasses..pfff. I mean without the contact its fine, with the contacts..nothing zip..nada! Soooo, yes, I got reading glasses too. This led to the fact that I needed reading glasses case. You see my problem here right?
Took out the needle felting machine, felted some roving on a piece of batting,stitched it with the sewing machine for some accents and cut it to size. Hand stitched it with a blanket stitch together and voila! Then I decided it needed some pizazz...or however on wright that word. Beads, glass beads were the answer. so some beads stitch on and I was content with the case. I have been in denial for reading glasses for a while now but with my pretty case to show off, its not as bad.
Please note that there are no beads on the back, I decided that putting on to many beads would be unhandy if case to be used in a purse. Anyway have a great day and let me know what you think!
(For the people in my area...I will be teaching a class on this on the 31th of January. It will be at Brady's in Idaho falls)

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