Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi,there! Hmm..nice cup of Jasmin tea and a big piece of 'leftover' chocolate!Soo well, for now the drywall is coming along in the studio just fine. Except, that the washing machine is not playing nice, she decided to leak water and now hubby has to spent time to fix her...ooh well. Hang on, need more chocolate...found some more YES!!! Anyway,every time hubby makes some head time, something else happens. I wonder.....whats staying positive, thing are going just
I have decided to spent some more time in making some art dolls, this way I do not need a lot of space, because right now that's what I am lacking of. As you see, put some pictures up of my last" experiments", actually they came out right the way I wanted. They are up for sale on Horses Arts. More to come.
I finally found out how to work that camera by myself...well almost. The thing has some features on there that make me go: What the heck..!!!! Is it doing now!!!
I guess with more practice I will grow out of that too. If you see my stuff in here..please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!( gotta go..finished the chocolate!)
Take care,

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