Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you Elizabeth!!

Hello there people, sorry to have been absent for so long.
Did not have a lot to post lately but getting there.
Elizabeth of has given me an award...Yahoo!!
You will have to check out her blog, she is awesome and soooo inspiring!

I feel honored! Thanks again Elizabeth!
Ok..people...will have things to post this weekend, please stay tuned!
Right now finished a pair of fairy slippers for Sharon's fairy , at If you need to be inspired check out her awesome blog too!
She has been sooo patient with me and her piece already arrived. I will post that this weekend too, it is so pretty, actually I should say beautiful! It is on its way Sharon!
Anyway... want to thank you all for not forgetting about me, makes me all warm inside!

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Sharon said...

Congratulations on your reward. Thank you for the sweet generous compliments. The fairy is jumping up and down about the slippers. How could anyone forget you. Your famous! Sharon