Saturday, May 23, 2009

Passing on awards!!

Good morning my dear friends, hope this post finds you all well and wishing all of you a great weekend!
Sharon has given me these awards and I understand it is tradition to pass them along to others...right?
Never thought this would be soooo to choose out of all these wonderful people and all these wonderful blogs!!
If you read this and are not mentioned, consider yourself been given these anyway..ok??
Alright then, here we go:
Maggi from
Melinda at
Clevelandgirlie at
Jean from
Elizabeth at
I have been following these friends and their awesome blogs for a while now and could tell you so much about them. Then again do yourself a favor and hop over and meet them if you haven't yet!

Hope you like them my friends!!!

On anther note some other sharing. Bought this it not a cutie???

It is from Stamps Happen, just could not pass it up!
And here is some furry purry fun......

Hope you like them..ohh and in case your computer is not working, the last picture might give you a
have a wonderful weekend my friends!
XO Andrea.


Sharon said...

So funny. Love those little fur balls.Sharon

maggi said...

Thanks so much for the award. The photos are so cute - you must be an Icanhazcheezeburger follower too!