Friday, April 3, 2009

Yes...the water is purple!

Good morning are we doing today? Hope all of you are having or are going to have the most wonderful day ever! With lots of creating of course!
Today I am showing a project that I have been working on in between projects. For those who want to read between the lines...yes that means it is taking me a while to finish
All commercial fabrics with lots of free motion stitching. The fish were cut out from the commercial fabric to suit at my will I then free motion stitched tiny little scales on them with metallic thread, boy was that #%&*... had to go thru all kinds of experiments to keep this thread from breaking. The thread itself was a very expensive brand ( not sure if I am allowed to use brand names in, so I thought that the problem was coming from somewhere else and it did. USE METALLIC NEEDLES FOR METALLIC THREAD is all I can tell you and slow down on your sewing speed.
This project was one of those design as you go things and I am not sure if I want to embellish it or put more fabric embellishments on it or what..(suggestions welcome here).
That's you can see, its not finished yet.
Any way dear friends, I wanted to share this with you. Now I will get ready to start making the promised tutorials for the recycling projects.
Take care all of you and have that wonderful day that I wished you before and go and create!!!

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