Friday, April 3, 2009

The record bowls!!

You guys are keeping me
Ok...the record bowls....preheat oven to the 200F . If you do have convect bake, really use it. It is a lot more effective.
Put your record on top of an upside down glass or metal bowl. Put it in the oven and wait for about three minutes. You will see the record starting to droop. Put on oven gloves..not kidding here...put them on!
Take out the record when soft. And shape. If you want holes in your bowl...soften the record flat first and punch holes. Then you can proceed to the bowl part. You can also put the record when soft into another bowl that's sitting upright. Push the record into that bowl and use your bowl shape to shape your bowl......confused???...I have been like that for
That's actually all there is to it folks. Remember when embellishing, if you plan to reshape in any form you will have the reheat the bowl. Which means use only things that can withstand the temperature used. Like with glue ..USE NON-FLAMMABLE GLUE!!!

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Elizabeth Golden said...

I have done the bowls, but never bracelets, How clever!