Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good morning..... for you..

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all doing great!
Just now found this great blog:
She is having a yummy give away, because of her 500th post coming up.
Go check her blog and get inspired and enter of course!
May the "lucky" one
Lilla is also having a give away on her blog:
She makes the most wonderful things, go and check her blog out too!!
Talk to you guys later.....have a great one and go and create!!!!


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for coming to visit! Love your recycled records! Have a lovely day!

Lisa :)

Lilla said...

Dear Andrea,
of course you can enter again and may win also. I draw them radomly
aloha Lilla

dochoamom said...

Hello, Thanks for signing up to follow. I love your recycled records what a great idea...