Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swap and candy!!

Hello folks, how are we doing today? Are we creating? Hope everyone is doing great and is having a wonderful day.
Today I am posting what I should have posted a couple days ago, but due to my temperamental cam it toke a bit longer. Really.. don't ask what I did to it to make it
Not to long ago I entered a blog give away by Lilla from :, you really should check out her blog. She makes awesome things. I won!!! She send me a box she made and some goodies with it. Its so pretty, I tried to take pictures from different angles so I could share it with you guys.

Really pretty is it not? Thanks so much Lilla....
Then I did a swap with a lady that probably most of you know very well. Linda from:, agreed to do a swap with me. I feel very honored that she did. A fairy slipper went to the UK and this is what came back.....feast your eyes people!

What do you think...awesome right?
Linda send me some goodies to go with the bookmark and I really love those too.
I am getting really excited about swapping art with other artists, having hubby make me extra shelves just to display my
Right now do not have anything ready enough to post from my works, but soon. Which means that I should be getting to work and get things finished...right?
Want to thank all you friends and visitors that leave all these awesome and up lifting comments on my blog. It sooo inspires me!!!THANK YOU!!!
Well talk to you guys soon..take care and go and create!


Elizabeth said...

aren't swaps the BEST????!!!! I just love them. Linda made a beautiful bookmark for you and all of the ohter goodies are a pure delight!! I would be up for a swap if you are!!
let me know!

martha brown said...

You got some beautiful goodies! And your fairy slippers are just so fantastic, Andrea! You are lucky that the fairies are letting them travel off.... :)

Melinda Cornish said...

it is all beautiful...looks like a great swap tome and I bet she is thrilled with your slipper too!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi there Horsie. Was so excited to hear this morning that y'all were gittin' so much snow. In a way I'm so jealous - but my garden is sprouting and my tulips and daffodils are blooming -so while I do have "snow envy" - it's really pretty here in North Carolina right now.

W O W what gorgeous goodies. The boxes - beautiful. THAT bookmark - I collect bookmarks and I WANT THAT! It is so original and thoughtful - really, really nice. You deserve these wonderful treasures Horsie.

Can't wait to see what you're working on next. I've been absent from blogland for various reasons - but am getting ready to head down to the studio tomorrow. Hope to have stuff to share soon.

Now that trade - shall we set it up? What would you like? A journal cover, a small wall art quilt, hmm??? Any ideas???
I'm ready to get started. I want something of mine on those new shelves.

Linda said...

So glad you liked it Andrea - I love my little shoe!! Thank you....
Linda x