Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good morning???

Good morning people, how are we doing today?
I hope this post finds you all well!
So much for spring here...18 degrees this morning. Ahh..and yes snow again, not a lot but According to the weather forecast more to come, some body out there must just loooove!

Above and below this part of the post, I am showing you what I am working on right now. Lilacs, needle felted with wool, hand dyed soy silk and hand dyed silk. The background is a black commercial glitter felt. I have to say that felting on this works great, just never try to pull any of the felted stuff get holes...big That's how I ended up with this shape ( being very..very honest here). Going to solve that problem with the background fabric that I found in my stash, lucky me!!! As shown here in the photo below.

My meditation quilt that I started is not ready for pictures yet, better feels like I should keep this one to myself till it feels right to share it. Does that make sense to anyone?
The next picture is of a bracelet made out of recycled old jewelry and some charms that I made with diamond glaze. Man that's some awesome stuff!!

This one I am going to wear, the next one might end up getting
Ok my friends, thanks again for all your support and inspiring comments!
This girl is going to her ' dungeon' (my hubby named my and play and torture some more projects. Please stay tuned..planning on some more tutorials very soon!!
Have a wonderful great day and go and create!!!
Love you all,


*jean* said...

your projects look great! we have that same weather here in MN too....i am soooo done with winter...sigh...

your bracelet is really cute!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Andrea ~ Your felted lilacs look wonderful and you know there are not mistakes, someone once called them "flopportunities" = Love that name! The background shape is very graceful and with your fabric...can't wait!

Wonderful charm bracelet, a nice combo of recycled and handmade!

A meditation quilt sounds quite wonderful and special.

tangled stitch said...

Beautiful pieces of art. Love the needle felted lilacs.

trisha too said...

i love lilacs! very pretty.

if it makes you feel any better, it's fixin' to snow like all get out here in Missouri, too.


Griselda said...

I loooove your projects! Meditation quilts are lovely, any art is a meditation to me.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am so sorry it is so cold there. Ahh I would have to hop a plane to somewhere warm. I do not do cold for very long. However you have been very creative with your time. I love the felted piece and the bracelet is superb.

Sharon said...

Andrea, Thanks for the birthday wishes. AND yes I would love to trade a fairy slipper for a puzzle pc. if you want. Just let me know and I will make one for you. You know I was a follower on your blog and all of a sudden you were not showing up. So I have put my name in again. Sorry for the long absents. I like all the things you have been doing. Your crazy quilt purse is gorgeous. The slippers are darling. I have a fairy living in my garden, she likes them too. She has been so cold with all the snow lately. Ah it can all go away now. Let me know. Warmly :-)Sharon


G'day Andrea
you do such lovely work.I have all the needle felting tools just can't get a start on it...I need someone to cshow me I think.I'm a visual tactile learner ratyher then a reader doer LOL.LUARVE the bracelet too!!.Thanks for the kind comments on my face painting first attempt....onward to do her hair and brows next :o)
Annette In Oz