Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini dresses,paper and cloth...

Hello peeps,
Yep i finally could bring myself to post again. Sorry, but its been a hectic time lately ..again.."sigh".
Today i am posting some mini dresses as the titel of the post already says, lol.
Before you read on, please visit Kelly Reynolds blog ,this is  a amazing talented lady who is one of the most generous bloggers i have ever met. She posts videos on how to make her creations freely . Thank you so much Kelly! The 2 dresses that follow here were based on Kelly's templates.

 This one i named my "Rosita" dress.

 Hmm front and back of the "Butterfly bliss". Blogger messed with the following order and would not let me change that..grr...
After making these, i wanted a 3d corset. So that is what i made, then a light came on. (in my head sometimes to much of that but ok, this time it worked lol) I wanted tutu"s. ( sure hope i wrote that right).
Swann lake came to mind, so i just had to make the white and the black swann tutu. Makes sense right?

The black one does not have shoulder straps (yet) but is laced on the back.

Well peeps that's what i wanted to share with you for now.
Hoping to post some started hand made albums soon.
Take care and do not forget to visit Kelly you will not be sorry you did.
Bye bye for now and a hug,


Maggi said...

Glad to have you back Andrea. These are wonderful. I hadn't realised just how small they were until I went over to Kelle's blog, must be hard to work that small.

Lisa Leavitt said...

These are just dang cute!!!! love love the corset. Heading over to to check it out, thanks for the inspiration.

Kellie Reynolds said...

Hi Andrea, these outfits look great! I especially love the peplum on the corset in the second photo. You have inspired me!

I'm so glad you found a way to make your own dimensional corsets. They are fun, aren't they? Thank you so much for your note and for sharing your beautiful work.

Cheers! =D