Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steampunk album in the making...

Hello peeps, hope this day finds you all well.
Today posting couple pictures of an album i am working on.
Actually its the first 2 pages..lol. It seems i am picky on the lay out of the pages, this is what takes me more time then actually making them. You see them as not fully embellished yet tho. While working on the pages, embellishments that could be bit more bulky or in the way of making the backsides of the pages, i write those down so i dont forget them. When the album is about finished i will add them.
Maybe not the regular way its done, but it works for me :) . Above is the cover( not fully embellished as i want it to be either yet. "sigh" Colors are lot more vibrant then the pictures show here on the blog, sorry.
This is the backside of the cover page for now.

Here is the first real page. It has 2 pieces on it that in a way open up.
This is the page "opened".
The back side of it is not glued down yet, have a couple decisions to make on it still ;)
So back to that then.  Take care everyone and have a wonderful creative day!


Lisa Leavitt said...

This is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see the finished book.

Maggi said...

They look fantastic. I had heard the expression steam punk but had no idea what it was so had to Google it. Now I know!