Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vinyl house siding for art?

Hello everyone, i hope this post finds you all well. Wanted to share this with you peeps in the hope it will inspire you.

Yep your reading this right.
These are the samplers you get when shopping for house siding. We did about 2 years ago, and i have been waiting to use them for a while now. Ones i started on these i could not stop.

I put them on a cutting mat for you so you have an idea of the size of these.

Both are backed when done with felt. The top one of these 2 is ready to become incorporated in a necklace.
The process is simple, have the textured side up. Put a nice layer of gesso on it. Then paint,stain,glue little pieces of paper on it, stamp and whatever else you fancy to torture these pieces. (i do not recommend using a heat gun tho they warp, well mine did lol)
I sealed mine with an acrylic sealer (water based).

Would love your input on these. Have a wonderful day peeps and happy creating.


Emma said...

Hello, sorry to make you cry, I'm not normally so emotional on my blog but thanks for your kind words ;)

These little bits of art are sweet & I love your newspaper flower - that was a good article- I get CPS too.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Wow! These are really cool!
Never had to buy siding, let alone shop for it. Is it hardier to work with than paint chips are?

Thanks for your Follow!

Talking Horses Arts said...

They are sturdier as a base. But did not try cutting them.Tho a crop-a-dile punches wholes in them easily.
Thanks for your visit Rose love the input.

nathalie said...

you have wonderful art you know!!!! love your stuff

Fabric Art said...

Andrea love your little art pieces they are so beautifully made, great colors too.

Gloria said...

Wow, these are really fun. Tell me now, how and where do it get some of these??? This would be a fun project. Yours came out great. Hi, just visiting, I come via Georgina's place. Nice to meet you.