Wednesday, February 1, 2017

 The last year had some really sad moments, we lost some of our precious furries. In the pictures here you see Nicky. We never knew how old she was when we got her but we were able to give 6 years in our family.
 Nicky had seizures that were becoming more and more severe. The decision that had to be made was awful and very hard. She came to use as a stray, a little tiny kitten. She never got bigger.
Talkative little lady she was.
 We also lost Kahn the Collie and Chico the Chihuahua . Kahn had had a very rough life when we got him at 6 years old from the humane society. It toke 2 years for him to not be scared if someone suddenly stood up. He was afraid of feet. I do not think i have to explain to any of you why that was right?

 We met Chico at the humane society whiles we were looking for a cat. He would not leave my lap lol. He had been adopted out several times we were told but people had brought him back. My husband was (lol) very resistant in taking home such a little yapper hahaha. But home Chico came with us lol, he won and hubby and him became best friends. Chico was same age as Kahn when we got him. Kahn was getting very senile and Chico forgot where he was and got seizures on top of that.
As hard as it is at some point with as many animals as we have ( all rescue) one has to make decisions that are hard . R.I.P my lovelies.
On another note we have still lots of furries left and we are grateful for them, they are such a big part of our lives. Harlow, Whitney, Amber, Buddy (all dogs), Scooter, Hatty, Kismet and Bijoux ( all cats).
Well that is it for today folks. Did not mean to make you sad, just sharing the wonderful furries that have left us last year and crossed the rainbow bridge. We will never forget them they will always be in our hearts. I wish all of you a wonderful day, take care stay safe and hug your furry friends if you have them.

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