Monday, April 25, 2011

Working my way back to it!!

Hello peeps, its been a while i know. I was having a hard time to get back into the works here.
Will spare you all the details why. Here are some pictures of a paper bag album i made for my mother. I found that paper is a good medium to start with in a comeback.....

Hubby got me for X-mas a die cutting machine and ooh do I love that machine. The versatility of it is amazing by the way.

All i can tell you is that its hard to live in an area where things like these in the pictures is looked at as something from outer space. (not kidding) So i hope you don't mind i am sharing them with you guys.

I am going to do my hardest effort to be blogging at a regular base again. Plus make sure i check out all your wonderful awesome creations. I missed you peeps is all i can say and this gal here is going to work her butt off again in her studio. (promise)
I so hope i did not loose all my friends here during my long absents. I hope you all will forgive me.


martha brown said...

Welcome back :)

Talking Horses Arts said...

Thank you Martha! :))

maggi said...

Good to see you back and the book is lovely. You have lost none of your flair for having been away.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Aww...thank you Maggi. it is good to hear from you.